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Alien Action Dome Revisited1.1

30 December 2005

Alien monster arcade game.


It's been ten short years since our hero Glerp escaped from the dreaded Alien Action Dome. However, the evil King Glip has taken a liking to the idea of recapturing Glerp and submitting him to new perils in his plot for revenge. Glerp is, of course, captured once again and must run the gauntlet of the domes facing new bad guys and utilizing all of the new and old goodies that lay around the arena.

8 new domes await Glerp with ten levels per stage such as desert world, water world and marshlands. With over 80 levels of mayhem, expect a challenge. New monsters, new items and new fun.

Zip around with a stylish jetpack, collect mondo bonus points, blow up your enemies with a radiation bomb and much, much more.

New monster AI's will keep you challenged and completely overwhelmed at times! Avoid being seen by the nasty critters that charge, no not rhinos, but close enough! Avoid being spat at by massive spiders, shot at by laser canons and hunted down by the hungry monsters.

Rack up as many points as you can, duck into the swirling vortex and do your hardest to get on the high score list and have fun.

What's new in Alien Action Dome Revisited

Version 1.1:
  • Fixed high score glitches
  • Fixed registration problems

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