iTunes BX
iTunes BX


iTunes BX free download for Mac

iTunes BX1.0a13

01 January 2004

BitchX iTunes script.


iTunes BX is a script for BitchX that allows you to interface with iTunes.. With this script you will be able to do the following:
  • Automatically grab the id3 tags from the currently playing song in iTunes and display it do a channel via an action (/itunes b) or display it to yourself
  • (/itunes c) you can also message someone the id3 tags info (/imsg nick)
  • (You can also setup the script to auto respond to key words so you don't have to type any commands)
  • Automatically grab the path to the mp3 file and send the file to someone online. (/isend nickname)
  • Start iTunes and automatically hide it (/iopen)
  • Start playing songs from the default library or pause any song (/iplay)
  • Skip to the next song (/iforward)
  • Rewind to the previous song (/irewind)
  • Quit iTunes (/iquit)

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