PilotScript Pro

5.5 26 May 2005

Easily create web-ready tutorials and tests.


Developer website: InSyst

Create/Modify web-based tutorials and self-grading tests on any subject. Employ all of the capabilities of Audio-Visual content in your lessons. May be employed by any individual or organization who has an interest in or responsibility for computerized teaching/testing.

All Multiple-choice questions have their correct answers embedded in the resulting Lesson Site Folder and are 64-bit encrypted making it extremely difficult to 'cheat the system'. Each Answer-Codeblock is different each time based on a PilotScript-based encryption algorithm.

Operating in the manner of a simple wordprocessor, PilotSCRIPT Pro provides pull-down menus to format a document in PilotSCRIPT syntax, and converts the document into a multi-page website of XHTML, JavaScript and PHP files.

The 'Pro' version of PilotSCRIPT includes new features such as Color Management, FTP Publishing, full support of Mac OS-X 10.2 thru 10.4.1 "Tiger", Section 508 compatibility, and much more.

Sample tutorials include an excellent tutorial on Explanation Of Exponents and a complete reference to all PilotScript Commands.

Runs with only minimal restrictions for one month in Demo Mode.

What's New

Version 5.5:
  • Fixed all known bugs.
  • Advanced grading statistics.
  • Export grading info to tab-delimited files for use in other databases or spreadsheets.
  • PilotScript-related email function.
  • Full lesson internal publishing capability.
  • Added a 'Comment/Note' command (C:) similar in use to the 'Free-form' answer command except that it is non-grading.
  • Timed-Lesson-Display that allows/disallows the Lesson/Totrial display based on Date/Time.
  • Extensive Do/UnDo/ReDo capabilities when editing.
  • Selection for the teacher to decide if test/quiz results are to be displayed and/or emailed to the student. The teacher is always notified by email.


  • Tiger Compatible
  • Mac OS X 10.2 or later
  • DSL or other high-speed Internet connection
  • ISP or self-supported Internet domain (ex. www.pilotscript.com)
  • FTP access to your website
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    26 May 2005
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