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Enables the 3Com Bluetooth PC Card for some laptops.   Free
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Card Blues Suite enables the 3Com Bluetooth PC Card Version 3.0 for Apple's Bluetooth software stack.
What's New
support for Mac OS X 10.4
PPC, Mac OS X v10.2.8 or later installed on a PowerBook G3 or PowerBook G4 Titanium, and a 3Com Wireless Bluetooth PC Card Version 3.0 (3CRWB6096B)

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Card Blues Suite User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Anonymous reviewed on 23 Nov 2005
Worked great until Mac OS X 10.4.3 - crashes the system now during boot reproduceable. (TiBook G4)

Workaround: remove Bluetooth card during boot and reconnect the card when the system is up and running.

Anyway: Kudos to the developer!
[Version 1.3d1]


Anonymous reviewed on 15 May 2005
Thanks Alex! Fullly working again under Tiger so I can close that back door again on the 'Book - Excellent.
[Version 1.3d1]


Anonymous reviewed on 15 Jan 2005
Bought a brand new 3com card from ebay for only $17!! (don't think the person selling it had a clue) only because I knew this driver would work. And it did. And now I have internal bluetooth (with better range than my dongle, EVEN with the x-jack antenna INside the computer), which works flawlessly. Thank you so much to the developer, without this software I couldn't have done this, and it is definately the most important addition to my 867 titanium powerbook so far!!

Cheers again

[Version 1.2d2]


Anonymous reviewed on 11 May 2004
Alexander, thanks for the great software! Got the proper card and it works perfect with my phone and wireless optical mouse. Only minor problem is that I can't seem to be able to enable internet connection sharing using scripts from, which had previously worked with my USB bluetooth dongle to allow wireless surfing on my Palm Tungsten. But great software and we really appreciate it!
[Version 1.2d2]

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Anonymous commented on 05 Jun 2004
Make sure the Bluetooth-PDA-Sync port is paired to your Tungsten with the 3Com, too. Or make a new port within the Bluetooth Serial Utility and change the first line of this AppleScript.

Peter321 reviewed on 10 Feb 2004
Works GREAT!

Using it on a PB G4 667 (DVI) with the 3COM PC-card. Range on the card is 3-4 meters with the antenna collapsed (=nothing sticking out) - more than adequate, and truly "Internal".

Runs fine with Apple BT update 1.5 (not tested with BT headset, but everything else just works).

Finally I can get rid of that annoying BT-dongle.
[Version 1.0d2]

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Anonymous commented on 06 Mar 2004
Anyone know if this works with the HP/3Com branded PCMCIA model F2169A? Looks identical to the 3Com one, just re-badged, but nothing is mentioned in the developer's documentation.
Anonymous commented on 06 Apr 2004
The HP Bluetooth PC Card is based on the 3Com Version 2.0. You need a 3Com Bluetooth PC Card Version 3.0.

nothingistrue had trouble on 17 Mar 2006
Installed and the card works (I can pair my phone with the computer, and use salling clicker), but I cannot get my sony ericsson t616 phone to register with isync. when I try to add a device to the isync app, it sometimes finds nothing, other times finds the phone but says it is already registered as a USB device. Anyone have ideas or suggestions?
[Version 1.3d1]

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Version Downloads:1,815
Type:Utilities : System
Date:15 May 2005
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
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Card Blues Suite enables the 3Com Bluetooth PC Card Version 3.0 for Apple's Bluetooth software stack.

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