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Memo app & Palm conduit.   Shareware ($9.00)
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iPalmMemo is a conduit and application so you can use your Palm Memos on your Mac. The notes of Mail.app can be imported and exported.
What's New
Version 1.2.2: Bug fix.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later, Palm Desktop 4.0 or later

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iPalmMemo User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Jqk18 reviewed on 15 Apr 2010
Perfect mirror for the handheld Palm Memos application.

List of memos on the left, text of memo on the right. It's that simple.

Plus it includes these features:

1. Search text of memos
2. Import and export memos as text files
3. Drag some text onto Dock icon to create a new memo

And it syncs perfectly with my Palm Treo. I use Mark/Space The Missing Sync (with the iPalmMemo conduit, not the Mark/Space Notebook conduit).

(It also says it can sync with an iPod, as well as import/export Mail.app notes, but I haven't tried this.)

Competitor applications like Mark/Space Notebook are not perfect mirrors, since they usually have a separate editable field for the memo's title. Also, I often can't get the categories to sync the right way.

I'm so glad I found iPalmMemo. Now I can keep using my Palm Treo for years to come.
[Version 1.2.2]


Lee123 commented on 23 May 2008
Just wanted to point out that "The Missing Sync" software from Mark/Space comes with a great memo app that can do all kinds of things. I think you can even add media to your notes. The search features are also good. Sure It cost more $ but if you use your palm (or Centro) a lot it is worth it.
[Version 1.2.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 28 Aug 2005
Basic, but functional. I don't like opening Palm Desktop if I don't have to, and the Memo app would be the only reason to do so, since everything else in synced via AvantGo and iSync. iPalmMemo, while it is bare bones like another reviewer said, works great for what it's advertised. No problems here. (MacOS 10.3, Palm m130)
[Version 0.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 15 Oct 2004
This program provides an efficient way to view, edit and print palm os memos without having to load the palm desktop. Note: I had a problem with loading the program (that turned out to be caused by font corruption). The developer responded quickly to my questions and helped me locate the problem and fix it.
[Version 0.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 01 Apr 2004
I downloaded iPalmMemo this evening, ran it for the first time, and immediately got the message, "Trial Period Expired". Great way to encourage me to try this conduit, NOT!!!


PS: No I have never downloaded it or tried it before and my date/time are correct.
[Version 0.1.9]


Anonymous reviewed on 16 Dec 2003
This application is VERY basic, and the interface isn't much fun to work with. We are talking bare bones here.

I have struggled with a Memo solution, since I use iCal and Address Book. I don't want to have to open Palm Desktop just for memos, especially when it sucks at it.

Solution? An app I already have on my computer, and that is currently free until the next major update: iData Pro. Formerly known as QuickDex from years gone by, it's a flat file DB that is great for dumping text into. I keep everything in there, and it's super quick at looking stuff up. Not the fanciest note app out there, but it does a good job. Moreover, it has a Palm Conduit and Palm app! So I don't actually use the Palm Memo app at all. I have iData for the Palm, and can search/edit multiple iData Pro files right on my Treo.

If iOrganizer ever gets a Palm conduit that links it to the Memo Pad, I might make the switch. Until then, it's the best thing going.
[Version 0.1.5]

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Anonymous commented on 11 Aug 2004

*iData 1.0.17 is a free upgrade for iData Pro for OS X owners (with serial numbers beginning with IDX). For those who don't already have it, a license is available for purchase at $20.00. Download iData 1.0.17 here.

Anonymous reviewed on 05 Dec 2003
"Handheld replaces Macintosh" initial sync to move my Palm's memos to the Mac doesn't work in my test of this conduit. Looking forward to using it once it lets me first move my memo items to Mac.
[Version 0.1.2]



Wfm reviewed on 04 Dec 2003
At long last some one has written this. Thank you so mush. I'll be sending over some money ASAP.

Hope you keep developing.

OS X has been needing something like this for a long time.
[Version 0.1.1]

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Anonymous commented on 07 Dec 2003
You're aware that you could use Palm Desktop's Memo feature for just the Memo synchronizing, right?

I sync Now Contact (Addresses) and Up to Date (Calendar and To-Do's), but use Palm Desktop for Memos.

Has worked fine for years.

Wfm replied on 16 Dec 2003
Yes I am aware, but it seemed such a mess to run the whole Palm Desktop program for just a simple notepad program.
Anonymous commented on 11 Aug 2004
yeah, I agree.

I am moving away from palm desktop to iCal and Address book, but the memo feature of Palm Desktop is something I do use with my palm pilot and which there are not conduits for any Apple equivalents.

But $9 is a lot to pay for a memopad. maybe I don't really need to sync those memos to my palm anyway!?!?
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Version Downloads:1,895
Type:Utilities : Network
Date:23 May 2008
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $9.00
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iPalmMemo is a conduit and application so you can use your Palm Memos on your Mac. The notes of Mail.app can be imported and exported.

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