Alcatel SpeedTouch 330 Drivers
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Alcatel SpeedTouch 330 Drivers contains Mac OS X drivers for the SpeedTouch 330 DSL modem.
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PPC, Mac OS X 10.4, SpeedTouch 330 DSL modem.

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ver. 3.x:
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Lesoth0 reviewed on 07 Nov 2006
3.0226 just kills my 330 Speedtouch (on OSX10.48). Steer clear and stick with the original revision2 of 3.01 instead. It just works.

Still waiting for the Intel Mac drivers Alcatel/Thompson!!!!!!!



Lesoth0 commented on 10 Oct 2006
Still waiting for Alcatel to get their finger out and give Intel Mac users the equivalent of their new Intel 64-bit PC drivers.

I've a new Mac Pro with a Mk2 SpeedTouch 330 (the square blue version) that hasn't connected to the Internet yet because of these laggards.

Intel Macs have been out since January 2006...



Anonymous reviewed on 18 Mar 2005
(give valid reasons to backup your claims)

G4 dual 450mhz, 10.3.8, 2 meg adsl connection.

Cant maintain a connection, just stops, seems to vary from 2 minutes to sometimes a whole day... works fine with classic, on another g4 i have but on my osx box totally useless (i have a full system installed, no extras or shareware)... i also dont get my 2 meg speeds, max is 1 meg.... this is the biggest load of rubbish ive ever used. To think i paid money for this total garbage. No support for it either. And yes i installed the BSD subsystem.

My advice, never ever purchase an Alcatel speedtouch modem.


Anonymous reviewed on 16 Feb 2005
if you're having compatibility issues with the imac G5 (mine wouldn't recognise the USB device, and so the modem kept flashing red on the usb side), for me the easiest fix was downloading the usb prober utility. don't know why, but it worked...


Anonymous reviewed on 23 Aug 2004
This is the first version of the software I've had, so I'm not sure if the older ones had this problem or not:

After anywhere from six hours to six days of use, my connection will abruptly stop. The modem status indicator software dock thingie turns three-squares-gold. Occasionally if I unplug the thing and then plug it in again, everything will work. Most of the time it then gets into this strange state where the amount of data received will increment normally, and from all indications (including all the stupid garbage it prints to the console) it is still successfully receiving that data, but the amount of data sent generally sticks at 0. If I reboot, everything is fine.

This is really frustrating for me: I got this modem because I need my server to act as a firewall/NAT router/DHCP server, and it only has one ethernet port, so the DSL had to go on the USB. But it's no use to me if it takes my server down at random intervals.

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Chrisg5 replied on 08 Sep 2004
Yeah I've had the same problem with SpeedTouch 330, looks like the drivers are full of bugs! the other problem is every time my G5 (and my old G4) went sleep the system would have a kernel panic on waking.

The best advice i can give is dump the SpeedTouch and get an ethernet modem, i got mine a few days ago, it took about 2 minutes to get it up and running and its been totally stable and seems a lot faster. The best thing with an ethernet modem is there are no drivers so it wont crash your system.

Anonymous reviewed on 14 Aug 2004
Hi all. On OSX 10.3 my SpeedTouch usb modem doesn't work after installing the drivers and updating them to version.
On the Network status it says that the Speedtouch USB is configurated but not connected. The 2 lights of the modem are green. The 3 Diagnostics buttons are green too.There is no problem with the ID or Password. I tried the modem on my portable WinXP based computer and it works perfectly. So anyone could tell me where is the problem please???!!
Thank you!

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Anonymous commented on 05 May 2005
I have just up dated to tiger Mac OS 10.4 and the Speedtouch 330 does not work. The Diagnostics file does not load and so the modem cannot connect. I hope they can up grade the drivers soon or I will have to buy a new modem.
Anonymous commented on 15 May 2005
Biggest load of crap ever. Problems on a P4 2.8GHz, problems on Mac OS 10.3X.

After my update to Tiger the same thing happened to me. No updates, and no support from the company. Simply terrific. so overjoyed was I that I headed on out and bought a router.

A word of advice, don't hope for the company to actually update this product's drivers. just ditch this piece of junk and go out and buy a real modem, not this plaything poorly masquerading as one.
Anonymous commented on 01 Aug 2005
Go into System Preference / Network and select Speedtouch USB. When the windowopens select Modem and make sure that the Speedtouch 330 modem is selected. On my Mac it was selecting the Internal Modem by default. Once I have changed it to the Speedtouch one it worked.
sathi commented on 03 Jul 2006
hello all
as you said that you find 2 solid green light on the speedtouch but yet unable to configure the modem on your mac here are few tips that you can try to make it work ,
1) go network icon ,
2) select location automatic
3) chk id speedtouch is been higlited in shows tab if good goahead
4) know go to modem tab and ensur ethat you select the speed touch modem from the list and apply changes
5) caome back to PPP tab reset all the info and try
Em i am sure that his would work out as i have tried my self was workin fine

Anonymous reviewed on 16 Jul 2004
How do you use this modem with an Airport base station?


Anonymous reviewed on 28 May 2004
Panther users (and probably Jaguar too):

You need the "BSD Subsystem" intalled on your Mac for this driver to work. This is one of the things you can deselect when you install/upgrade to 10.3 to save disk space.

Dig out your Panther Install Disk 1. Select BSD Subsystem under "Customize" and click install. The driver will then work like a dream.


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Anonymous commented on 28 May 2004
the BSD subsystem is installed by default, and has been since day one of OS X.

Anonymous reviewed on 10 Mar 2004
There was no way to make this thing work: either the installer said 17 (what the hell is that?), or I could not open the installer at all due to a post-install script failure. Finally I found some version that worked (neither the one provided by the producer or my ISP), which I could install, but that didn't make Jaguar (10.2.8) connect to the internet. After an hour on expensive provider hotlines I had to change the modem for a different one.

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Anonymous commented on 25 Apr 2004
For mac os 10.2.8 it seems you have to download 3.0.1, not the which is an upgrade. You find it on:

Anonymous reviewed on 29 Feb 2004
This release finally works as expected: i.e. I can now disconnect and reconnect from the internet without the PPP menu status going into an endless loop.

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Alcatel SpeedTouch 330 Drivers contains Mac OS X drivers for the SpeedTouch 330 DSL modem.

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