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DVDTheque allows you to organize your film collection by DVD, film, picture, staff, language and bonus. French and English versions are included.
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Version 3.1.7:
  • Take care from news modifications on Allocine's API
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DVDTheque User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 3.x:
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Macaccro commented on 01 Feb 2014
Link for developer and download are broken
[Version 3.1.7]



Guile reviewed on 10 Apr 2008
i've been using this program since its debuts (i bought it) and it's a good piece of work ! BTW i got problems since the 2.9.2 when importing from dvdfr.com, it doesn't parse bonuses, so actually i no longer can insert my new DVDs, a bit annoying :(
I give it 5 stars cause in about 4 years it's the first *important* bug i've detected.
Good luck JLR !

PS: why not creating a MySQL export module, it would be damn hot for developers like me to put online and dynamically manage my online DVDTheque.
I've tried parsing the XML file but it's a lot of work and it's damn slow, i actually publish my DVDTheque by opening the html files and parse them with some str_replace to enable really hot features :-)
Go take a look ! http://www.gui-book.com/dvdtheque/index.php
(still some cosmetic to do but it's actually REALLY usable ;-)
[Version 2.9.2]


Grateful11 reviewed on 18 Apr 2006
I have been using this software for a couple months and it's great. I had a couple questions for the developer and got replies back almost instantly. No it doesn't use Amazon for it's search but I have been able to find 98% of my large collection using what is available. One of the features I like the best is being able to link a Movie Trailer stored on my HD to each movie title that I have in DVDTheque. People look at my collection and they say what's this movie about and they just click on the trailer link, the trailer pops up and starts playing automatically! Keep up the great work!

Jean-Luc thanks for taking the time to develop this software, Craig
[Version 2.7.7]

mazirion commented on 19 Mar 2006
Can we get native compression formats? I have left Stuffit behind and do not intend to install it. I nice zipped disk image would be fabulous!
[Version 2.7.7]

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Jean-Loup commented on 09 May 2007
Use The Unarchiver 1.6 => http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/22774

Can handle with .sit, but not .sitx :-)

Guile replied on 10 Apr 2008
yeah great solution, but why ppl continue to use Stuffit, it's useless compared to all the free solutions: the unarchiver, the builtin zip compression on OSX, SimplyRAR, UnRARx and so on...

Ticout commented on 01 Mar 2006
How many of these DVD organization apps do we need? This software is alright but not as complete as it could be if you want to put something new make it complete, as per DVDpedia that we can use with Amazon. The developer as no intention to make it more accessible to more english site.
This program would be great...if it was not concentrating on french, because I live in Canada.

It is missing another function that a lot of is counterpart as is the ability to send e-mail to people that are borrowed your dvd.

Keep up the great work, I'd love a version I could use.

While this app is OK I would recommend trying other ones if you are living on this side of the ocean
[Version 2.7.5]

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Xenophile replied on 06 May 2009
Wow, for someone whining about an app being targeted towards the French language and not at "this side" of the ocean (presumably the english speaking side), you sure don't know English very well.

Reminds me of the pictures going around of anti-immigrant protesters angrily shaking protest signs filled with misspelled words.

Anonymous reviewed on 18 Sep 2005
wheres the export to ipod feature? be well neat that
[Version 2.7.2]

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stupidcorn replied on 19 Dec 2005
Why should an application designed merely to catalogue DVDs also be expected to convert the DVDs to H.264?

If you want something to do it, check out Handbrake.

Jedik replied on 20 Dec 2005
I think he meant export the DVD *list* to an iPod, not the movies themselves. ;)
stupidcorn replied on 20 Dec 2005
Good point-and that WOULD be a nice feature. With all the fuss about the new iPod it was an easy mistake for me to make. :)

Anonymous reviewed on 23 Apr 2005
The German localization is a bit clumsy. Sounds like a babelfish translation...
[Version 2.6.6]


Anonymous reviewed on 22 Apr 2005
Aboslutely worth the money! Especially for people who have lots of international DVDs as it can update from Italian, French, German and more databases too. I love this piece of software !!!
[Version 2.6.6]

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Anonymous commented on 23 May 2005
I totally agree with you!
I searched for a good software for DVD catalog, and finally I found IT... and it's in ITalian too!.
DVDtheque works fine for me and it works very well on My G4 with Tiger.
Thanks J.L.

>Aboslutely worth the money! Especially >for people who have lots of >international DVDs as it can update >from Italian, French, German and more >databases too. I love this piece of >software !!!

Anonymous reviewed on 08 Apr 2005
sweet utilities but very much expensive...
ilife5 $49, DVDtech $20...
something wrong, no?
[Version 2.6.5]


Anonymous reviewed on 25 Feb 2005
No offence, but how many of these DVD organization apps do we need? Every two days it seems like a new one pops up on Mac Update and I dont really see the use. Does anyone really think "I'm bored & want to watch a movie. Let me go over to my Mac & sort my library by Bonus Features and pick something to watch."

I personally use a hardware solution for my DVD organization. Its called Bookshelf 1.0. It has a very intuitive interface. TO ender a new DVD you put it on the shelf. To watch it, you take it off the shelf & put it in your player. To see disc details, you just have to take it off the shelf & look at the back of the cover. Works amazing, but I'm hoping for version 2 which I've heard rumor may be something with a stainless steel look.

I'm sure the software works great & all but...
[Version 2.5.8]

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Anonymous commented on 13 Mar 2005
Yeah... the number of DVD organizers, iTunes controllers, system maintenance utils, and backup apps does seem proportionally (and sometimes ridiculously) high relative to other Mac software. Apparently there's a demand for them, whether or not there's a "need" for them. Oh well. To each his/her own. At least OS X users don't have to compare a zillion different (and often crappy) apps of the same variety like on Windows to find one that works best for them.
Anonymous commented on 13 Mar 2005
Thank you!!!
Anonymous commented on 22 Apr 2005
Sure you can look into the bookshelf. But there are people who have friends and borrow them DVDs once a while. Then it is good to have a list.

And why do we need so many tools? Ever heard that variety improves quality?
Anonymous commented on 12 Jun 2005
If you don't want the software then shut up who needs to hear your commentary about what we have too many of.

By the way what software have you written and offered to the group? Something new and groundbreaking right?

If you need to see your text online build a website and post up all your garbage there the we don't have to see it.
Anonymous commented on 12 Jun 2005
where can i download this bookshelf 1.0 ???
Anonymous commented on 17 Sep 2005
Bookshelf 1.0 works great for me too.
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DVDTheque allows you to organize your film collection by DVD, film, picture, staff, language and bonus. French and English versions are included.

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