2.5 12 Sep 2007

Completely customize your Mac's appearance.


Developer website: Unsanity LLC

ShapeShifter lets you change the overall appearance of your Mac using 'themes'. It can change the look of windows, menus, apps, buttons and more. With ShapeShifter, you can:
  • Change the overall appearance of your operating system safely, quickly, and reliably
  • Change the appearance of individual apps to match your theme and your mood
  • Customize your cursors; (Mighty Mouse required)
  • Customize your icons
  • Experience things that haven't been possible with Mac themes before
  • Quickly preview themes without actually applying them
  • Install different themes for different users
  • Add and remove themes effortlessly
  • Tweak themes for endless customization

What's New

Version 2.5:
  • ShapeShifter no longer causes instabilities when used with Apple's Pro applications.
  • ShapeShifter now works properly with beta versions of Safari 3.
  • Cocoa pull-down menus now use the correct text color when pressed.
  • Cocoa box titles now use the correct text color.
  • guiTweak now presents a more informative error dialog when an insurmountable error prevents tweaking from concluding properly.
  • ShapeShifter now honor's Camino's "CAMINO_DISABLE_HACKS" environment variable.
  • The preference pane no longer erroneously states that new version "(null)" is available when an Internet connection is present, but is unreliable.
  • ShapeShifter now properly handles OS versions with a bugfix number greater than 9 (e.g., OS X 10.4.10).
  • Windows bmp "magic pink" transparency conversion now works properly on x86 machines.
  • Adding a new guiKit to the ShapeShifter prefpane no longer causes the names of guiKits that are available to all users on the computer to disappear from the ShapeShifter prefpane.
  • Resolved an obscure issue that could cause applications to crash occasionally when ShapeShifter is loaded.


Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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