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Share iCal calendars with Outlook or Exchange users.   Shareware ($54.95)
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  • GroupCal has been discontinued
  • Developer
    Snerdware LLC
Groupcal allows you to use Apple iCal to view and share calendar schedules seamlessly with your coworkers running Outlook and Microsoft Exchange—all with no Exchange Server software to install.
What's New
Version 3.94:
  • added detection for running on OS X 10.5 (Groupcal 3 does not yet work with 10.5)
  • added some new/missing timezone entries
  • fixed a problem that could occur when running in Trial mode
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or newer; iCal 1.5.1 or newer; Microsoft Exchange Server 2000/2003 with the latest Service Packs; WebDAV (Outlook Web Access); valid Exchange email account

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MacUpdate - GroupCal

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GroupCal User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 3.x:
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Jobby commented on 22 Apr 2008
The Snerdware website says Leopard compatibility is due in Q1 2008. We're now into Q2 and still no update. What the hell is going on here?

Hopefully now that Apple's licensed the Exchange protocols for iPhone this will filter back into Mail/iCal and we won't need to pay extra for kludges...
[Version 3.94]



organik reviewed on 29 Oct 2007
All of these good reviews are obviously from people who have not used groupcal for very long. The app used to barely work at all in it's early days, and now I'm told it won't be until 1st quarter 2008 before it's Leopard compatible! This is totally unacceptable. Will some decent developer please make an app to sync exchange to iCal? Please? One that actually works and is updated to work with OS updates within a couple weeks instead of months...or longer...
[Version 3.94]

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Crow replied on 06 Feb 2008
Indeed, I must agree that I am very disappointed that GroupCal has not yet been made Leopard-compatible. Having paid for the software, I expect much better support than this.

watsonad reviewed on 04 Jul 2007
I have been using Groupcal since the 3.0 release and have never had a problem that wasn't solved nearly immediately by the support team within 24 hours. I've only had three issues during the last 2 years - one of which was due to an Exchange configuration issue that affected our users of Exchange-Entourage-Palm sync solutions, and two were due to Sync Services corruption issues. Groupcal itself has been bug-free in my usage of it. I have been extremely impressed with the prompt, helpful support, and as a part-time developer familiar with Mac OS X application development, I congratulate the developers for their ability to successfully deal with the Sync Services API, which is one of the more difficult frameworks to work with in OS X.
[Version 3.90]

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JLO commented on 13 Jan 2008
Can anybody help me on 2 issues:
- when is the official releasedate for GroupCal to zork zith Leopard?
- How do i get help to make entourage working zith eXchange server 2003?

MacUpdate-Lon commented on 13 Jan 2008
JLO, contact the developer for info:


Guy-Davies reviewed on 27 Jun 2007
I'm a recent convert to OS X and work in a company that, until very recently, had a very MS Windows oriented IT department. I found Groupcal when I was scouting around for ways to avoid having to install more MS software on my shiny new MBP. Conceptually, it sounded perfect.

Functionally, Groupcal does pretty much everything I need. It reliably synchronises my Exchange calendar and iCal so I don't need Entourage :-)

My main gripe is not really a problem of Snerdware's making. SyncServices in OS X are horribly flaky and susceptible to multiple apps trying to sync at the same time. This has meant that I've had to call on the services of their support department a few times in the 6 months or so I've been using Groupcal. On the positive side, support is always very responsive and I have been given patched versions of Groupcal on a couple of occasions to fix my specific issues within a day or so of raising the issue.

Overall, I think that groupcal deserves a solid 4.5/5 losing the 0.5 for some of the challenges that are introduced by SyncServices when upgrading between versions of Groupcal.

My recommendation is to buy this product if you're working in an Exchange environment but don't want to be forced to buy Entourage $$$. Be prepared to assist the support guys in troubleshooting and you'll get fantastic response. It's well worth it.
[Version 3.90]

rosslyn commented on 29 Apr 2007

Great to hear you find the product great, you say you run Blackberry via BES, we do teh same here but for some reason we get hundreds of duplicate meeting via the calendar, is it a blackberry thing or a Groupcal thing have you had such problems
[Version 3.86]

Patrick-mac commented on 15 Apr 2007
I must ssy the software is dramatic! Since I installed the program,(3.86) I cannot trust my own schedule anymore... Appointments are deleted without warning... I have no clue why some entries are deleted and others not...
It's because I paid a lot of money for this tool that I keep trying and ruining my agenda... otherwise I would have deleted it long ago...
[Version 3.86]


David Bogart reviewed on 16 Mar 2007
Groupcal and Address X have made it possible for me to survive very well in an Exchange environment, while enjoying the Mac features in Mail Address Book and iCal.

Moreover, Groupcal enables me to see calendar changes I make on my Blackberry - we run Blackberry Exchanges Services - and at home, thanks to DotMac, to have my work schedule show up in iCal.

So, great products and very responsive customer support, very quick patches.
[Version 3.86]


GuyD reviewed on 06 Mar 2007
I'm a relatively new user to Mac (and by implication, GroupCal). I found the initial setup a bit quirky but once I read the instructions and followed them carefully, I got a good sync of all my existing Exchange calendar events.

I've had very good responses to the questions I've asked via the support site. They've been quick, helpful and in the one case where something had broken with a new version, I was provided with a patched version within a couple of days. This kind of responsiveness is rare indeed.
[Version 3.80]



Crow reviewed on 17 Jan 2007
This has indeed become much more stable in the past few releases, and the developers are very helpful. My only complaint is how slow it seems to be. I have a dual 2.5GHz G5 PowerMac with 2GB RAM on a fast LAN, and I can really feel it when it begins to sync. Things slow considerably, and it takes a long time (I believe I have it configured properly - including no longer syncing items older than 2 weeks, and tasks past 5 days). Invitations to calendar requests take a very long time, as well (a couple of minutes. Is this normal?).
[Version 3.78]


subidai reviewed on 27 Dec 2006
Excellent product. Allows Mac's to function in a Windows email environment as seamlessly as any Windows based PC. Automatically synchronizing calendars every 15 minutes has been keeping our Mac users as up to date as our Windows users.


1. Don't try to sync years of iCal appointments to Exchange and vise versa. It will take hours and ultimately fail.

2. Have BlackBerry users cease syncronizing appointments and to-do's to their Mac's. You will end up with duplicate entries. Groupcal will allow the BlackBerry devices to sync up as easily as any Windows user.
[Version 3.75]

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Crow commented on 08 Jan 2007
How does one prevent the synchronization of years of events? I would like them saved (ie. appear in both calendars) - but they certainly don't need to be updated every 15 minutes. Is GroupCal smart enough to only sync changes? Or does it do everything, every time?
subidai commented on 08 Jan 2007
You can set Groupcal to ignore events older than x days (default 30) and ignore tasks completed x days ago (default 7). We opted to archive old iCal events rather than populate our new Exchange server with those old events and tasks. The Exchange server is only synchronizing events that are as new as it.

Although we tried (and failed) to populate our Exchange server with old events and tasks, we tried synchronizing all of a single users calendars at once. You might try synchronizing one calendar at a time. We did not try that.

Crow commented on 17 Jan 2007
Of course - sorry, that was dumb. Indeed, I have now set this appropriately.

Jobby had trouble on 22 Nov 2006
Clicking "download now" produces "Sorry, but this LinkLok link has expired" - you have to go direct to the site.

Please can we have a working download link?
[Version 3.7]

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Groupcal allows you to use Apple iCal to view and share calendar schedules seamlessly with your coworkers running Outlook and Microsoft Exchange—all with no Exchange Server software to install.

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