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Traditional minesweeper game.   Free
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Mine Game is a traditional minesweeper game with an attractive Aqua-style interface.
What's New
Version 1.4:
  • Fixed high-score menu update bug
PPC, Mac OS X 10.0 or later

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ver. 1.x:
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Hercules-Team reviewed on 16 Sep 2011
No statistics, theme, high score table.
[Version 1.4]



G4ff3r reviewed on 05 Nov 2007
Fantastic little minesweeper clone.
Unlike others here, using 1.4 has resulted in no issues whatsoever. I am able to start new games with ⌘N as per normal....no crashes, no hangs. It also redraws the map straight away.

When using a keyboard, it is shift rather than ctrl-click that adds the flag, but this wasn't too hard to find out within a few seconds of my first opening.
It would be useful to have a line or two in the readme for the sake of those that STILL can't find it though ;).

I like the customisable tile sets....overall a great little find here.

Keep up the good work.
[Version 1.4]


Anonymous reviewed on 23 Mar 2005
(give valid reasons to backup your claims)
I just installed on X.3.8. Lovely look, nice and fast, two bugs, five suggestions (I'm aware it's free, so no pressure, and I'm grateful anyway!).

Bug 1 - When you hit command-n after losing, it seems to just sit there. If you click on a square, that finally triggers the redraw of the new game. Or, you can just hit command-n twice, but does that mess up your average?

Bug 2 - Contrary to the contextual help, the right mouse button does not do a flag post.

Suggn 1 - Allow user to set percentage of mines. For me, 19% is the right level.

Suggn 2 - Sounds (with easy access to 'sound off' command)

Suggn 3 - Store hi-scores as table of user, percentage, layout, number of mines, time, date & let user choose the multi-key sort

Suggn 4 - Customizable layouts

Suggn 5 - when clicking on a revealed number, why require the flag-post modifier?
[Version 1.2.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 09 Feb 2005
Actually, it's not even that hard. :) You can just duplicate one of the folders in the "Tilesets" folder, change the graphics, and then select it from the menu in the menu bar. It isn't particularly obvious, though, so perhaps I should move that into the preferences pane.
[Version 1.2.1]


Jb-Mu reviewed on 09 Feb 2005
Good implementation. If you don't like the 'checkboxes', Right-click the application and choose "Show Package Contents", you can then, in the Resources folder, find the graphics for the 'checkboxes'. -So you can customize the mine-graphics, if you like...
[Version 1.2.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 07 Feb 2005
nice game, very simple. i wish there were more display options-- the window is very small on my imac 20"and it is hard to get be accurate esp. when you are being timed.

all said a nice free game, i hope that development continues.
[Version 1.2]

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Anonymous commented on 07 Feb 2005
I could add a larger tileset quite easily. I hadn't thought about that before, but it shouldn't be a problem.

Anonymous reviewed on 08 Jun 2004
great game

even tho the game's about 200k without the extra, it loads as about 60 becouse of stuffit

great job
[Version 1.1]

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Anonymous commented on 16 Sep 2004
Actually, StuffIt has nothing to do with it. I used free OS X system utilities.

Anonymous reviewed on 08 Jan 2004
Obviously that's where the Aqua look comes in. Checkboxes are Aqua GUI elements defined by Apple. Using them for mines ensures an Aqua look. Actually, however, I believe checkboxes are 14x14 pixels, whereas these mine cells are 16x16, so he is not just using straight check boxes, anyway. Personally, I like the look.

One caveat, however, is that it doesn't support 2nd button mouse clicks.
[Version 1.1]

John Devor commented on 07 Jan 2004
Not as attractive as the other guy says... the lazy/uninspired developer choose to just use a matrix of checkboxes for the cells. He could have easily have improved this game.
[Version 1.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 06 Nov 2003
I think this is the best looking mine game (among free ones, anyway, I don't even bother looking at shareware). It has a very sleek, attractive look, and features that some mine sweeper games lack.
[Version 1.0]

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Version Downloads:3,886
Type:Games : Arcade
Date:24 Apr 2006
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
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Mine Game is a traditional minesweeper game with an attractive Aqua-style interface.

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