0.8.4 31 Oct 2003

Keep track of your cigar collection.


Developer website: Josh Jellel

iFicionado is like iTunes, but for cigars! I can't say it in a more elegant way. And if you think about it, that's a pretty powerful statement. iFicionado may just revolutionize the way you keep track of your ever increasing collection of fine cigars. And more! It also puts information and ratings for those cigars right at your fingertips. Oh yeah, and it's FREE!

What's New

Version 0.8.4:
  • Huge update to the online cigar band library. You might actually find your cigar band now. Also made a few fixes to the Get Band feature to make it work more reliably.
  • Humidor view: Overhauled the cigar drawing routine to include support for variation in wrapper color-including completion of the Edit Wrapper Colors window-check it out and make every cigar look as accurate as possible. Also, bands are now properly shaded adding an even greater sense of realism to the cigars.
  • Journal view: Fixed a bug that would cause the cigar selection to be "forgotten" when switiching to this tab (and ensured that the selection stays consistent in all cases-I think).
  • Ratings view: Comments now appear in ratings view. Preferences for how they are composed are included in the Preferences window. Added a view option: "Show all rating" which does just that. Instead of a single rating, this will stack and color code ratings from Cigar Aficionado, Top25Cigar.com and ratings from your personal ratings. Included a popup slider allowing you to change the height of the listings-helpful for cigars with long comments. Cigars also draw the same here as the do in the Humidor view, fixing an original consistency issue.
  • History view: Extended the history view by 1 month to enable viewing of the most recent events. Also corrected a bug in the history view that would cause an application error after deleting a cigar. Added 2 view options: "Show events for deleted cigars" and "Show events for the humidor". Refined the drawing of the temperature and humidity curves, and added a 70%/º guideline and temperature/humidity scale. Finally, changed the zoom buttons to a popup slider.
  • Menus: renamed some menu items to more closely follow Apple's interface guidelines. Added a Window menu for people who actually use it. Also added a proper help menu-don't get too excited, it just brings you here for now.
  • Fixed a problem where humidors would open and not display country colors, etc. properly until it had to do a redraw.
  • Fixed a problem where preferences such as country colors and vitola/sizes would not be saved properly and be blank on subsequent launches of iFicionado.
  • Fixed a huge problem that occurred after deleting cigars (don't know how I missed that one).
  • Fixed a glitch in how the wood texture and cigar box were drawn that caused gaps at large sizes.
  • Fixed a bug that would appear when closing a humidor window without selecting the window. The Save dialog would appear in the currently selected window instead of the window being closed. Also, iFicionado will never again ask you twice if you want to save (that was a bug, not a feature for the unsure).
  • MANY PREPARATIONS TO PORT iFicionado TO WINDOWS. A few preparations remain, but you can go ahead and get excited. And it WILL be fully compatible with your Mac OS X humidors.


Mac OS X 10.1 or later


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31 Oct 2003
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