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Driver compatible w/10.2.8 and 10.3.   Free
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[ via XLR8YourMac ] M-Audio Revolution Driver 1.2.9 adds support for the following:
  • Kernel extension loading problem fixed.
  • Panther compatible
PPC, Mac OS X 10.2 or later

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M-Audio Revolution... User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Anonymous reviewed on 22 Jul 2005
I totally agree!

The drivers are crap.
Crackling noises, encoding errors, no sound output in some apps (bascially ALL games), major stability issues, etc.

The support is a bad joke. All they could reply was that they work on releasing Tiger drivers, but that it might take some time (3 months(!) after Tiger was released).

DO NOT BUY THIS CARD! $99 wasted!
[Version 1.2.9]


Anonymous reviewed on 23 May 2005
I agree 100%. These guys seem to write Mac drivers as an afterthought -- simply in order to get some extra cash from a PCI audio card they market mainly to the WinTel crowd -- with all the extra features such as EAX, Sensaura, etc. All the while, the Mac drivers more than languish -- even the basic IO functions (which are all we get, I might add) simply suck.

Perhaps their new sugar daddy (AVID) might see fit to throw a few more scraps (as in DOLLARS) to the Mac development department -- you know, the single guy sitting in the 4x4 cubicle in the basement, with the RED STAPLER!

This is just as bad as the Mac SoundBlaster Live! fiasco -- I mean, c'mon, people!
[Version 1.2.9]


Anonymous reviewed on 29 Apr 2005
This is just the most lousy, horrible attempt at a software driver that I've EVER dealt with.

Every version that I've installed since I had the misfortune of buying this piece of junk card has given me TONS of trouble!

[Version 1.2.9]


Anonymous reviewed on 07 Jan 2005
This is ALMOST as bad as the Sonica Theater (whick was a REAL piece of JUNK!).

I've had more trouble than this thing is even worth!

I'd install the LOUSY, LOUSY software and it'll be fine for a while, then it will just give me 5 channels of the exact same source...not true surround. It'll be going along fine and then crap out!

I've learned not to even try to get support out of these fools (M-audio... the only thing they know how to do is guide you through a reinstall! I knew that after a few hours of dealing with this piece of crap!

AVOID ANYTHING THAT SAYS "M-AUDIO"...The support is a joke!
[Version 1.2.9]


Jeff-H. commented on 18 Sep 2004
Just purchased the card from a friend yesterday and installed this latest version on both Jaguar & Panther (2 seperate HDs with OSs on each).

No problems yet, although, I previously had the Sonica Theater and it was a HUUUUGE piece of CRAP! Nothing but problems! Finally gave it away...

Well, we'll see...

M-Audio hasn't been helpful at all in the past (in my experience, anyway...)
[Version 1.2.9]


Anonymous reviewed on 13 Sep 2004
Even with the sequence of Panther updates that have followed the last M-Audio drivers release (v1.2.9 ... NINE months ago!), I'm still experiencing kernel panic errors and applications freezes that are related to the M-Audio card on my set up (dual G4 MDD, OS 10.3.5 ) ...

What's happened to the Mac support of this audio card?

New drivers were expected by the end of last february ... where are they?
[Version 1.2.9]


Anonymous reviewed on 14 May 2004
nothing but trouble. stay clear.

lousy support.
[Version 1.2.9]


Anonymous reviewed on 13 Jan 2004
Still getting kernal panics with 1.2.9 and OS 10.3.2
[Version 1.2.9]


Anonymous reviewed on 13 Dec 2003
Still getting kernla panics : (
[Version 1.2.9]


Anonymous reviewed on 26 Nov 2003
Just installed, and crashed (2 were kernel panics) 3 times within 20 minutes. My sys config is a G4/466/512 w/Radeon 8500, running 10.3 Panther.
[Version 1.2.8b0196]

mudflap had trouble on 26 Nov 2003
Got a quick reply from the developer, as usual. They instructed me to delete all of the old files first, then install the new 1.2.8 drivers. I did, and I've been using iTunes for the last 2 hours without any panics or problems whatsoever.

So, do a search for m-audio and delete every file you find, including prefs and plists. Restart. Download the 1.2.8 drivers and install. Restart. Then you should be all set.
[Version 1.2.8b0196]

mudflap had trouble on 25 Nov 2003
I was in contact with the developers regarding the Panther incompatibilities. They've been quite responsive and just all-around cool about supporting the Mac. However, I installed this update today, and I STILL get Kernal panics constantly. It seems to happen whenever I use iTunes and change the Mac's volume. That really sucks becuase the hardware rocks and I miss the simulated surround sound and super-improved audio output.

(You don't realize just how crappy the G4 Quicksilver's DA converters are until you try an M-Audio Revolution 7.1.)

Here's hoping they get a fix for the fix out within the week.
[Version 1.2.8b0196]

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Anonymous commented on 27 Nov 2003
I had the same problem.

Went to the Sound pref pane. Under "Sound Effects," choose "play alerts and sound effects through" - 'Internal Speaker' "

Fixed my panic problem completely.
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[ via XLR8YourMac ] M-Audio Revolution Driver 1.2.9 adds support for the following:
  • Kernel extension loading problem fixed.
  • Panther compatible

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