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upCast RT for Mac8.0.0

24 September 2015

Microsoft Word to XML to Word converter.

What is upCast RT for Mac

upCast RT enables you to use Microsoft Word as an authoring application for XML documents. Take advantage of the widespread availability and familiar user interface of Word or any other RTF savvy office application for structured document authoring. upCast RT offers a way to reuse existing tools for gaining all the benefits of a standardized markup language: XML.

Currently using downCast? It's included!

Pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis. You can request a quote from the developer's pricing page.

What's new in upCast RT

Version 8.0.0:
New features
  • [UPL] New UPL function: xslt()
  • [UPL] Implement sourcefile-uri() function in UPL
  • [UPL] tokenize() for splitting up a string into a list of components at specified separators
  • [UPL] new signatures for caluclating min and max of a list of values: min( List ), max( List )
  • [UPL] Facilitate binding to Java functions with native Java types using "javafunction" by coercing them back and forth to UPL types
  • [UPL] new UPL functions encode-for-uri() and decode-from-uri()
  • [UPL] UPL now also allows the combination of the two separate keywords else if instead of the keyword elseif in an if-cascade
  • [UPL] Allow creating explicit blocks for scoping
  • [UPL] New function fs-exists() to determine if a FILE, FOLDER or ANY file system object actually exists at the specified path
  • [UPL] get-attr() with 3 new signatures to support XPath target selection and default (fallback) value
  • [UPL] New function: to-string( $num as Numeric, $numbase as Numeric )
  • [UPL] New function: to-numeric( $s as String, $numbase as Numeric )
  • [UPL] Add bitwise AND, OR, NOT, XOR to UPL functions for Numeric values of power 0
  • [UPL] Implemented for """-type and '''-type verbatim strings constants
  • [UPL] Implement new list functions: distinct-values(), intersect(), except()
  • [CORE, EXPORTER] Unicode Translation Map: new options to define replacement of invalid XML (v1.0) characters; add dedicated log message
  • [CORE] XPath custom function extensions: node-before(), node-after(), is-ancestor(), is-descendant()
  • [CORE, UPL] New option for #set directive: groupQName
  • [CORE] is-same-node() XPath extension function
  • [CORE, UPL] XSLT function current() implemented for eval-xpath()
  • [CORE, UPL] new UPL function system-exec()
  • [CORE, UPL] html-to-image(): render HTML to a pixmap image
  • [CORE, UPL] Add function to extract a, or files from, a zip file
  • [IMAGING] extract baseline information for WMF files
  • [IMPORTER] optionally attach locator info to element nodes
  • [MODULE] Validator: allow redirecting validation messages to a file or a pipeline variable
  • [RTFI] add generic uci:shape and uci:shapegroup elements for drawing shapes in RTF
  • [UPL] New UPL function: markup-style-with-roots()
  • [UPL] updated syntax highlighting
  • [UPL] Add a paint method that uses an XPath to select the target nodes for the painting
  • [CORE, PIPELINE, UPL] Store UPLValue objects natively in pipeline variable pool, coercing only lazily when needed
  • [CORE, RTFE, RTFI] Update table of defined language codes for RTF to rev 1.9.1 (RTF Spec)
  • [CORE, UPL] get-log-messages(): amend result list elements to include message number and separate out context and timestamp info
  • [GUI] Allow re-associating Parameter Set with its pipeline (if not looked up by Public ID)
  • [GUI] Don't ask to "copy license" when choosing one in a pipeline document, License tab
  • [GUI, UPL] UPL syntax highlighting: Directives colored inconsistently
  • [PIPELINE] Speedup RTF import by factor 2.5
  • [RTFI] Support nested XE (index entry) fields
  • [RTFI] Log window remembers its open-state across application restarts
  • [RTFI] note marker text mismatch: include note text in error message as context info to better locate the issue in source document
  • [UPL] Support assigning 'null' to variables of any type
  • [CORE] DiskFile.exists() no longer compare case-sensitively on non-case-sensitive file systems
  • [UPL] While variables of any type can still be assigned null , Null is no longer an instance of any other type
  • [UPL] uci:part element lost when only thing between two tables
  • [UPL] Make uci:part a veritable inline item
  • [UPL] URL resolution for #include()s had issues
  • [UPL] Relative #include()s did not work within JARs
  • [UPL] infinite loop when doing replace-with-text() on a text node
  • [UPL] forward-log-message() throws UPL exception when called in top-level pipeline (i.e. there is no parent)
  • [UPL] markup-style() does not work as expected within a table cell
  • [UPL] javafunction:... does not work for functions that take parameters
  • [UPL] set-painter( $xpath, $color, $painters ) did not work (casting exception thrown)
  • [UPL] set-rulemode( "exit" ) does not work
  • [UPL] set-rulemode(): "jump:label" did not work as documented in the UPL manual
  • [UPL] replace-custom-...() now works as described
  • [UPL] markup-style() with two parameters did not work
  • [UPL] value-at() threw Exception when accessing invalid index, should return null (per documentation)
  • [API, CORE] When ucdocs passed via commandline parameters do not exist, no errors are reported
  • [CORE] Several characters in URL fragments and queries must not be quoted to keep URL functional with popular services like Vimeo and YouTube
  • [CORE] ':' (colon) in non-file-URLs or local paths are no longer turned into a '/' path separator character
  • [CORE, MODULE] Painters "start-end", "end-end" and "start-start" did not honour in-between markers in cases where start- and end-markers were placed on a single node.
  • [CORE] fs-copy() deletes source file when src and target are the same
  • [CORE, MODULE] Jaxen's document() function does not honor execution context's entity and URI resolver settings
  • [CORE, RTFE] CSS parsing errors on inline styles are reported as "external stylesheet" parsing errors
  • [CORE, UPL] relativize-uri() does not work correctly for folder URLs
  • [CORE, UPL] fs-create() does not create folder when using FOLDER-REPLACE and a folder doesn't already exist at that location
  • [CORE] Custom log writers do not flush their data during operation
  • [CORE, UPL] current-dateTime() incorrectly returns e.g. local German time (+0200) as UTC by specifying "Z" as timezone
  • [CORE, GUI] When saving an ucpar fails (e.g. insufficient access rights), no error dialog is shown and even the modified flag is cleared
  • [CORE, MODULE] Roundtripping XML through upCast loses default namespace attribute
  • [CORE] insert-nodes(): FIRST-CHILD and LAST-CHILD positions do not work
  • [CORE] Unit conversion to/from 'ex' and '%' was wrong
  • [CORE, PIPELINE] No ucdoc file format conversion path from unversioned to version 4
  • [DISTRIBUTION, TEMPLATE] Suppress writing -ilx-word-style-id in "XHTML" template output
  • [DISTRIBUTION, TEMPLATE] Suppress writing -ilx-word-style-id in "upCast" template output
  • [DOCS, MODULE] Painter start-start does not work as documented
  • [DOCS, UPL] Document that #charset is not allowed in pipeline-internal UPL code
  • [DOCS, UPL] Some documentation bugs and omissions regarding "#set defaultRuleMode" and evaluation logic description
  • [DOCS, UPL] State that the context node of the UPL processor module (not: UPL tree processor!) is the document node
  • [DOCS, UPL] Wrong entry in operator matrix for "!=" and Lists: should be exists(AL op BL), not foreach(AL op BL)
  • [RTFE] Centered or right-aligned tables (i.e., margin-left: auto) were calculating wrong cellx values
  • [RTFE] Nested tables do not retain their justification properties (left / center / right)
  • [RTFE] RTFE: fragment identifier in hyperlinks must quote " to not interfere with field syntax
  • [RTFE, RTFI] titlepg was not supported, which made roundtripping documents with different first page header/footer impossible
  • [RTFE] List table calculation bug: 'preceding' value is calculated wrongly
  • [RTFE] CALS: colsep="1" does not work if set on spanned entry
  • [RTFE] CALS: a cell that spans up to the right border of a tgroup does not get set the table's border on its right edge
  • [RTFE] CALS: references to existing spanspecs cannot be resolved
  • [RTFE] CALS: adjacent tgroups in a table must not draw their outer borders according to their table's frame setting between them
  • [GUI, PIPELINE] Parameter set update on impl change resets parameter values to pipeline defaults instead of previous values (when compatible)
  • [GUI, PIPELINE] Error in pipeline param definition code (parsing error) does not show error message
  • [GUI, PIPELINE] Changing param config in ucdoc, then switching to already open ucpar wipes out all manual parameter settings
  • [GUI] Unsaved parameter edits in Parameter Set get lost when running requires a reload of the underlying pipeline implementation
  • [IMAGING, RTFI] "No WMF substitute found for EMF" error issued though WMF is present
  • [IMPORTER] Tokenizer error is thrown during RTF import
  • [TEMPLATE] XHTML Template: Output mode was "html", should be "xhtml" for correct writing of empty elements like
  • [TEMPLATE] XHTML Template: Output resolution not propagated to renderer(s)
  • [TEMPLATE] "upCast" template: content of a footnote reference must not contain a upcast-NOTENUMBER gentext element
  • [RTFI] Report undefined fonts only for fonts used in document contents (not only in styledefs)
  • [RTFI] Issue dedicated error message when encountering nested XE destinations
  • [RTFI] RTF Importer must not generate tables that contain completely spanned (��' empty) rows
  • [RTFI] Some shape parameters mapped to non-XML Names
  • [RTFI] upCast throws a DataFormatException when for an OLE object in the RTF, the *objdata destination is empty
  • [RTFI] Outer table border missing in HTML+CSS result
  • [RTFI] NPE in Footnote Ref Optimizer when the target a NOTEREF filed refers to does not exist in the document
  • [RTFI] @uci:id must be a NCName, not a Name to be namespace-valid XML (i.e. must not contain colons)
  • [RTFI] Handling of nested INCLUDEPICTURE fields buggy
  • [RTFI] Paragraph (border) padding values were incorrectly interpreted as border style values
  • [RTFI] Nested HYPERLINK field in other field produces unexpected result
  • [RTFI] QUOTE field with instruction containing image not handled correctly
  • [RTFI] Footnote handling: Must ensure that single preceding character before {footnote } is treated as and moved into reference
  • [RTFI] Paint attributes propagated to grouping parent in random insetad of the last value set on a node (in document order)
  • [RTFI] Distinct footnotes not separated when references wrapped by contigous run of "footnote reference" style
  • [RTFI] *pn destination does not honour pnf font selection keyword for its character content
  • [RTFI] fcharset1 translates (hard-coded) to code page 1252, but should translate to the default RTF document's codepage
  • [RTFI] Section break after a listtext destination must result in discarding its contents and ignore it w/ respect to indicating a list item paragraph
  • [RTFI] Several issues regarding handling of "vertical-align"
  • [RTFI] Certain table code construction not handled correctly by RTF Importer
  • [RTFI] Handling of Word section breaks in field result destinations wrong
  • [RTFI] RTFI: vertical-align property not set correctly
  • [RTFI] List-building and item number counting algorithm flawed in RTF Importer
  • [RTFI] uci:block elements created by, e.g., the grouper return wrong margin-xxx values when at top (body) level
  • [RTFI] Detecting list continuation par does not respect position tolerance setting
  • [RTFI] RTFShpPictDest: lookahead counter not reset to current reading position before getting next lookahead token
  • [RTFI] Table borders problem (border-top on cells below spanned cell)
  • [RTFI] When note marker mode="Delete marker based on content of reference" and it does not match, the mangled gentext element remains as CDATA in the note content
  • [RTFI] border-spacing property not created/written
  • [RTFI] Internal properties border-spacing-h and border-spacing-v are missing vendor prefix in output
  • [RTFI] uci:gentext: revision-tracked parts of an instruction marked for deletion must be hard-removed from @uci:data

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