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Place a window tab button in Safari.   Free
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Ollie's Tab places an extremely convienient 'Tab' button in the top of Safari.app. This currently works with English localizations of Safari only (more to come).
What's New
Version 5.3:
  • Upgraded for Safari 2.0.3
  • Universal Build - Works on PPC and Intel based Macs
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.2 or later, English localized Safari 1.0, 1.2, 1.3, 1.3.1 or 2.0.3

MacUpdate - Ollie's Tab

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Ollie's Tab User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 5.x:
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msg11gJMIVdn1L5qMsM1 tipped on 19 Jun 2007
Unfortunately, changing the version number from 2.0.3 to 3.0 for Safari beta does not work. The installation will run and succeed, the toolbar icons will change to the add/remove tab buttons, but the buttons behave as Make Text Bigger/Make Text Smaller.

Hope to see an update soon!
[Version 5.3]


msg11gJMIVdn1L5qMsM1 reviewed on 08 Apr 2007
Great addition to Safari.
[Version 5.3]

TheKillAllHumansCorp tipped on 30 Dec 2006
This great little app. will not install unless you open it's contents, find the installer script, open it and change the supported version number for safari from 2.0.3 to 2.0.4, then run the script and presto you have Ollie's Tab. Beware, you are messing a round with Safari's contents. I did notice that you need to quit safari to run the script and that Safari does restart after the script is run. Good Luck.
[Version 5.3]


amcan12 commented on 29 Sep 2006
Again... OSX 10.4.8 update broke Ollie's Tab.

Installer again states that it is compatible with Safari 2.03 or higher...

My Safari is 2.04...
[Version 5.3]


amcan12 commented on 29 Jun 2006
OSX 10.4.7 update broke Ollie's Tab on my iMac G5 - when trying to reinstall installer tells me that this version is only compatible with Safari 2.03 or higher and I have Safari 2.04.

No problem on my Intel based MacBook Pro...
[Version 5.3]

chanamasala commented on 10 Apr 2006
No longer workes on 10.3.9 :( I love Ollie's Tab when it works. When is Apple going to wise up and just change Safari to this setup which is much better. Also, come on, make autofill remember drop-down boxes.
[Version 5.3]


squigles commented on 15 Jan 2006
Does not add or remove a tab ! It only increases and decreases the text size !!!
[Version 5.3]


Anonymous reviewed on 18 Nov 2005
The + button bookmarks the site you are currently viewing. This program presumably creates a 'new tab/close tab' button. How is that the same?
[Version 5.2.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 18 Nov 2005
I've not tried this yet, and am not slamming it, please don't take the comment as negative, but doesn't this just do the same thing as the "+" button next to it?

Note that I've not tried it yet, merely read the description. Maybe a more desriptive desription would dissuade comments such as mine? :)
[Version 5.2.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 01 Nov 2005
yes, 10.4.3 killed mine too, it says that this version is for safari 2.0 only and i should download the previous 4.0 version.
[Version 5.2.1]

Jim Milton had trouble on 21 Apr 2005
I am running OS X v10.3.9, PowebBook G4, 1 GHz, 768Mb, and I can't get this app to install on my computer. I have used past versions with no problem. I wonder if anyone else is having the same or similar problems? I've tried numerous times to install it.
[Version 4.7]

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Anonymous commented on 28 Apr 2005
Sorry that you're having trouble with it. I have a PowerBook 12, 1Ghz G4, 512 MB...works fine. What I did was installed it while Safari was running, then restarted Safari. Only thing I can say is if that doesn't work....try Safari Buttons...same concept, print button and Tab button...Good Luck!

Novascotian had trouble on 22 Mar 2004

I have got it working! If at first you don't succeed, try several times with Safari running. Then quit and restart et voila. Perhaps the problem was that I already had Ollie's tab installed, but when I updated to 10.3.3 the tab button stayed, but stopped working. Now it shows up as two buttons - one to create a new tab, one to remove the selected tab.
[Version 4.5]

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Ollie's Tab places an extremely convienient 'Tab' button in the top of Safari.app. This currently works with English localizations of Safari only (more to come).

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