2.0 01 Jan 2007

Show everyone what you are listening to in iTunes.


Developer website: farhnware

phpTunes allows you to display the song you are currently listening to on iTunes by auto-uploading it to your PHP website.

You can implement it in any Web page with PHP. Register here through PayPal for $5 to remove the unregistered message that is overlaid after 20 minutes and unlock several display options.

What's New

Version 2.0:
  • Completely revamped interface!
  • Preferences stored using a new plain text scheme
  • When you press the spacebar in the URL field in both the wizard and preferences, "%20" is entered
  • Uses RBtunes 3.0.1
  • When you quit, it sends final track data to the server using a display setting of the user's choice
  • Button in Register window now says Buy Now
  • tunes.php is now even smaller and requires PHP 5
  • Spruced up all the alerts
  • Unregistered message is now overlaid after 20 minutes instead of 30
  • License key replacement email URL now uses "%20" instead of spaces
  • License key generator improved slightly
  • Can't click next in wizard until username and password are entered, same for URL
  • Changed the bug report link, and made it dynamic in case it changes
  • "Copy Currently Playing" is only enabled when the currently playing text from the server is not empty
  • "Copy PHP Include" is only enabled when the URL is not empty
  • phpTunes is now an application bundle (.app)
  • Can only press OK in Register window once both name and license key fields are filled out
  • When editing a display and using Cmd-I to replace selected text and a # is the first character to left and not selected, another won't be added.
  • When editing unregistered message, typing behaves normally
  • No longer updates every second, only when track changes
  • Pressing Esc or Cmd-. closes the Register window, as it should
  • Known Bug: If you quit iTunes before quitting phpTunes, phpTunes will freeze


Mac OS X 10.3 or later, iTunes, access to a server with PHP.

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