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15 May 2008

Chaos and dynamics mapper.


Standard Maps (StdMap) displays the dynamics of several "area preserving" mappings. It will also find periodic orbits, cantori, and stable and unstable manifolds of any (symmetric) periodic orbit.

What's new in StdMap

Version 4.5:
  • Updated to work better with Mac OS X 10.5
  • Fixed problem with exittime if numOrbits = 0.
  • Update initialization display to properly report processor speeds of > 2.14GHz
  • Fixed display of "Iterate" button for stable manifold drawing
  • Changed the label for the Suris Map parameter from "k" to "a"
  • Fixed a bug in Curve drawing where CycleColor was not respected
  • Fixed a potential crash if iterate a box was done too long
  • Added warning to user if p & q are not selected to be coprime
  • Disabled Print Menu items if Plot is not front window.

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