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20 August 2003

Development classes for fractal imagery.


MXKit framework builds upon Cocoa for Mac OS X.

Features include:

  • New objects and containers
  • MXKit is a Cocoa framework that provides new classes and extends other classes to provide new functionality.
  • MXArbitraryNumber, a class to represent arbitrary precision floating point numbers.
  • MXImage, extends NSImage to allow more compositing routines similar to those in popular graphics applications.
  • MXToolTip, custom tooltips that can be used for controls or other purposes.
  • MXFractal, A view class that displays fractal images.
  • New fractal classes can be designed simply by extending the root class.
  • Altivec enhanced
  • StrangeWorld uses MXKit to implement the fractal view class and other interface elements.

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