ScrUITools free download for Mac


15 August 2003

Use Tk and WxWindows for Ruby or Perl scripting.


ScrUI" stands for Script User Interface, and is pronounced "screwy". ScrUITools help you use GUI toolkits like Tk and WxWindows with scripting languages like Ruby and Perl. As of Mac OS 10.2.6, scripts executed from the Terminal are treated as daemons, and therefore aren't allowed to display a user interface like standard applications. ScrUITools force scripts to the foreground so they can display their user interface correctly. This problem can also be solved by packaging a script in an application bundle, but ScrUITools are convenient when you want to run a script without prior preparation. Currently, there are two ScrUITools available: ScrUIRunner and ScrUIActivator. The source code and Project Builder files for both tools are freely available.

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