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View Address Book data via command line.   Free
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Contacts allows you to view and search the Address Book contents via the command line terminal.
What's New
Version 1.1:
  • contacts is now installed in /usr/bin instead of /usr/local/bin
  • the '-S' option was added; firstname first or vice versa is now handled correctly; added the notes to the search fields
  • added tokens to access addresses (i.e. '%a', '%ha', etc)
  • added '%u' token to access unique identifier for each person
PPC, Mac OS X 10.2 or later

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Contacts User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Anonymous reviewed on 21 May 2004
For developers, the command line inerface is huge! I just installed this little app, and I love it. Great idea. Would be nice if it could search the directories also, but I suspect that would cause some addiitional overhead and configuration problems. That being said, this is a great utility, nice job!
[Version 1.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 23 Apr 2004
for what reason... i think the Address Book work just fine like it is
[Version 1.1]

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Guardian Archon replied on 23 Apr 2004
This is likely meant for people who access their computer remotely through telnet or SSH and want to be able to get to someone's contact information remotely as well. I think it's a wonderful program, and I think there should be more like it to help out those who are on the go.

Anonymous reviewed on 09 Aug 2003
Do many people use the terminal to do their computing?

If I never use the terminal, it would be too soon.
[Version 1.0]

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Anonymous commented on 23 Apr 2004
With a command line I can log in, read my mail, delete the spam, reply, and get out while you're still waiting for to bring up Inbox.
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Version Downloads:1,886
Type:Business : Personal Info Managers
Date:23 Apr 2004
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
Overall (Version 1.x):
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Contacts allows you to view and search the Address Book contents via the command line terminal.

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