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Floating control and display window for iTunes.   Shareware
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iTunes Track creates a floating window that displays the current playing track from iTunes. There are also control buttons that allow you to play, pause, and skip tracks. It's window transparency, size, color and update interval are all modifiable.
What's New
Version 0.9.1:
  • Fixed stream display.
  • Recompiled using Xcode.
PPC, Mac OS X 10.1 or later, iTunes.

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iTunes Track User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 0.x:
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bluemanscott commented on 21 Oct 2006
It would be great if you added an option to right align the text. That way, one could leave it on the right side of the menu bar without it leaving an ugly space between it and the first menu item.
[Version 0.9.1]

kickme commented on 14 Oct 2006
A great app, though when it opens as a start-up item, I have to open the preferences to get it to show up.
[Version 0.9.1]


Mmilian reviewed on 21 Nov 2004
iTunes Track is a simple little application that displays the track title overlayed over a colored box (color is changeable by the user; default to orange). It has the ability to click the menu item to change tracks/pause music, but it's not very useful in comparison to a conventional menu bar changer like Synergy.

It's not particularly pretty, but if you're looking for a simple way to show the currently playing iTunes track time that can be dragged to anywhere on the screen, this is as good as any way to do it.
[Version 0.9.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 03 Apr 2004
It's is one of if not the most useful iTunes helper apps ever made, however for some reason it doesn't load as a Startup Item. Is there something I'm missing? I'd love to see it add an option to change the font
[Version 0.9.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 09 Feb 2004
Don't set the update time to 0 seconds, or iTunes Track will eat all your CPU. Otherwise, great program.
[Version 0.9.1]


Jwilson13 commented on 31 Jan 2004
Very nice little app. I usually just keep the iTunes window minimized, but then you don't have the song or artist display (if you make the itunes window as small as possible.

I wish the iTunes Track window was resizable by the corner, but as it is, it's very unobtrusive and I like the idea of controlling itunes from the menu bar instead of taking up desktop space.
[Version 0.9.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 31 Jan 2004
So far its does what it says!
[Version 0.9.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 30 Jan 2004
awesome!! was looking for a way to stop using synergy due to the fact it hogs resources a bit too much... so now i use this and another launcher and they work perfect together!
[Version 0.9.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 02 Jan 2004
iTunes Track seems to do what it says, but (on my system, anyway) if you launch iTunes Track when iTunes is not running (for example, placing it in your StartUp items) it wants to launch in Classic.

Two other issues: it doesn't seem to save preferences (I position the text to fall squarely on my menubar, and the next time I launch it the text is back to the bottom of the screen again). It also doesn't seem to properly display artist and title info from streaming net radio stations (iTunes is displaying that info - I know some stations don't encode this info properly, or at all, so I'm not sure where the blame lies here).

I tried using the Contact link on their website to report these issues directly rather than here but the link was broken (sigh...). Hopefully the author will see this and fix the problems in a later version.
[Version 0.8.1]

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Anonymous commented on 18 Jan 2004
The contact page on the website now works. But you can always use the e-mail address written in the readme of iTunes Track.

That the classic version of iTunes is launched is strange. Normally the newer version of launched. The only way to stop this is to delete the classic version.

Window position is always saved, but it seems that when you move the window to high on the menubar the system does not like that and so the window is moved elsewhere.

djdarlek commented on 17 Nov 2003
the thing i really love about this program is that you can have a little transparent coloured box inline with the apple top menu bar (towards the middle).. Its completely out of the way and completely useful.


keep up the great work..
[Version 0.7]

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Version Downloads:3,841
Type:Multimedia Design : MP3
Date:30 Jan 2004
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
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iTunes Track creates a floating window that displays the current playing track from iTunes. There are also control buttons that allow you to play, pause, and skip tracks. It's window transparency, size, color and update interval are all modifiable.

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