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Radio frequency ATI Remote driver.   Free
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ATI Remote Wonder allows for a wireless radio frequency remote control for the ATI Remote, allowing its signal to even go through walls.
PPC, ATI Wonder Remote control.

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ATI Remote Wonder User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 2.x:
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Rob commented on 05 Sep 2006
I bought EyeTV with ITRemote wonder as a bundle software but does not work on my Mac Intel. Download of new software is not possible. What to do?
[Version 2.0.1]



Jeff-H. reviewed on 10 May 2006
Forgot to leave my opinions/review of this product.

As I said before, it's a little hard to get the software, but once had/installed, this is REALLY a great thing! I had the Keyspan for 7+ years, and it was ok, but very limited...the ATI is not at all, rather, if you take the time, you can program ANYTHING into it that you can imagine. After doing all the setup you can export your keymaps and save for backup.

I use it for EYETV, DVD Player, iTunes, Mediacentral (little limited for that one though..), Quicktime, VLC, and more.

Great thing, very, VERY handy. Got it for a great price at newegg (as I remember 24.99).
[Version 2.0.1]

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Jeff-H. replied on 13 Jan 2012
I'd love to see this updated for 10.7

tekl commented on 03 Feb 2006
Hmmm... does not work on my System it always crashs after launching. I deleted all previous Remote Wonder files and also I repaired access rights.
[Version 2.0.1]


Jeff-H. commented on 18 Jan 2006
You know, ATI doesn't seem to like Mac people much.
I bought the ATI wonder and am waiting to receive it from newegg...I wanted to check out the software before it gets here, and also I want the latest SW.

Through their anti-leach policy you can only download their SW from their site...that would be fine, BUT THE SOFTWARE ISN'T EVEN ON THE SITE!!!

[Version 2.0.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 03 Sep 2005
This remote is superior to they keyspan remote in every way, except one: The keyspan remote can run applescript commands directly, the ATi can't. What this means is that you can use the keyspan to change the song in iTunes WITHOUT waking up the monitor of the computer. With the ATi, changing the song wakes the display. Other than that one feature that I REALLY want, this thing is great, tons and tons of buttons. RF not IR. Takes normal cheap batteries that last forever, not tiny super expensive odd batteries that cost a fortune. Has a mousekinda thing too. I love it.
[Version 1.5]


Anonymous reviewed on 13 Apr 2005
"Unknown Error occurred (-192)"

This is all that I get when trying to modify settings. Yes, I'm admin user, yes, I've fixed permissions. ATI, time to update!
[Version 1.5]


Fred3rik commented on 16 Mar 2005
I've been thinking of buying a remote control for my Mac, which will be used mainly for EyeTV, VLC, and sometimes DVD Player. The two products I'm thinking about is this and the Keyspan Digital Media Remote. Both Keyspan and ATI refuses to give a list of supported apps, and ATI's website even states that this product does not work with Mac OS. Do they want me to buy their products or not?
[Version 1.5]

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Anonymous commented on 22 Aug 2005
The ATI Remote Wonder software (version 1.5) supports both the original Remote Wonder as well as Remote Wonder II models.

It works with any application on the Mac and lets you configure any and all buttons on the remote to do whatever you want in any application (including controlling multiple applications at the same time).

You can simulate keystrokes, launch applications or documents, launch applescripts, target specific applications, automatically target foreground application with automatic profile selection (can have completely different remote layout/settings for every application). Also supports pass-throughs so you can have certain buttons set to their "global" settings.

Works with Mac OS 10.2.8 and newer (including Panther 10.3.x and Tiger 10.4.x versions of Mac OS X)

Jeff-H. replied on 24 Apr 2006
I use the ATI Remote Wonder 1 (got it through at a very good price).
It's really the best!!

I used the Keyspan remote and it's VERY limited.

Get the ATI...I use it almost daily with the 3 apps you mentioned and it works great!!!
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Type:Drivers : Other
Date:16 Jan 2006
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
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ATI Remote Wonder allows for a wireless radio frequency remote control for the ATI Remote, allowing its signal to even go through walls.

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