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Freecell is a classic solitaire card game which you can win almost every time, if you have the skill. Features include compatibility with Windows freecell games, full undo and redo, game attempt history record, and hint function.
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Version 2.2:
  • Fix graphics error highlighted by Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and above
  • Remove donation request
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.4 or later

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ver. 2.x:
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Johnny K reviewed on 30 Aug 2012
Apparently unannounced (6/16/12 from get info) an updated version to 2.2
2.2 (v56)
Fix graphics error highlighted by Mac OS X Leopard and above.
(Card edges are more defined for one.) Remove donation request.
I am embarrassed to admit how many games of this I have played over the years! Addicted ;-(
[Version 2.1]

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MacUpdate-Warren replied on 30 Aug 2012
Our listing has now been updated to reflect the latest version. Thanks for the help! :)


Strider72 reviewed on 20 Aug 2010
This is an excellent app for playing Freecell solitaire. I especially like the little thoughtful touches such as making the "game selection" compatible with the Windows version so you can play against friends on Windows. It doesn't try to be too fancy -- it's just a straightforward version of a good game.

I do wish it had one addition though, and that is the ability to size it up some. My mom likes this game a lot, but on her computer it's pretty small and she has a hard time seeing the cards.

It appears that the developer isn't working on this any more, which is unfortunate. So, I'll just sign off by saying Thanks for the game, and Thanks for leaving it available for download. (It doesn't show on the dev's site, but the download link still works.)
[Version 2.1]

Hagill commented on 20 Dec 2009
Alasdair I apologise for spelling your name incorrectly. Could this be why something changed my preferences?

Anyway my brains must have suddenly cleared and it all came brilliantly clear.
[Version 2.1]


stoker reviewed on 25 Apr 2009
just like older British sports cars, this is a great game.....when it works! On Leopard 10.5.6 at least I keep bringing up the Dashboard when I try clicking on cards, and it can go on that way for quite a spell. Any fixes for this problem?
[Version 2.1]


germano60 tipped on 08 Jun 2006

Hello I developped the Italian localization for this very nice application. I've been trying sending the localization package to the developer's official e-mail several times but I'm always returned with a "Delivery Failure" message. I even tried using a different mail account of mine, nope.

Apparently, the developer's address reported in the official website (the one accessable through the "More Info" link above) is either broken or blocking messages.

How can I contribute with my (little) work?
[Version 2.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 05 Jun 2005
My wife just aquired an Imac G5 and is now in the process of laerning all its great features. What she did miss from her previous PC was the use of card games such as Freecell. Your PC-equal version is a real hit with her and after a long day at work makes the Mac learning curve at home a lot easier for her. This - your work - is well done. Thank you.

Would you consider writing a Spider Solitaire for Mac that is PC-equal? And, perhaps also a Hearts game?
[Version 2.0.3]


Anonymous reviewed on 26 Mar 2005
I enjoy this - nice graphics - and have had no problems.
[Version 2.0.3]


Anonymous reviewed on 21 Feb 2005
Thanks for creating this app.

That said, do you think you could wait six hours, or count to ten, or something that would take you a similar amount of time, before posting an update. That would give you a chance to look it over and fix all your nittering little details.
[Version 2.0.2]

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Anonymous commented on 26 Mar 2005
Ditto that, thanks for the releases.
I've never understood why people feel obligated to download the latest version yet complain about it. It takes a lot more effort to release a new version than to download it.

Anonymous reviewed on 20 Feb 2005
Now my Mac can finally be as good as a PC! ;)
[Version 2.0.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 20 Feb 2005
[Status bar showing time elapsed and moves made]

What if we just wanted to waste a little time without being pressured by a competitive timer?

I Looked at v1.3 to see the difference. v1.3 seems to know how many games of FC have been played. It suggested a number greater than 230 million. How would it know? Why would it know? Who would know it?
[Version 2.0]

Hagill had trouble on 18 Dec 2009
Freecell the game i love and have played hundreds of times over the last couple of years. I
now play what i call speed Freecell.

Well i was until about an hour ago. Suddenly the cards stopped flying to home.

I quit the games a couple of times - same.

I reloaded the game again - same.

I loaded the new upgrade - same.

I am beginning to feel it's not me with the glitch.

Alister please help.

macbook pro. 5.5.8
[Version 2.1]

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Type:Games : Card and Board
Date:30 Aug 2012
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
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Freecell is a classic solitaire card game which you can win almost every time, if you have the skill. Features include compatibility with Windows freecell games, full undo and redo, game attempt history record, and hint function.

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