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22 September 2004

Add items to your Services menu.


AtYourService is an application allows users to add items to their Services menu. Services can be found within each application's menu. Services are enabled by Mac OS X when the user selects text in a Service-aware application. (Most applications are Services-aware: Safari, BBEdit, Eudora, Project Builder are Services-aware. As of this writing, Word X and CodeWarrior are not Services-aware.) Services act upon selected text. For example, one default service provided by AtYourService will convert the selected text to all uppercase. With AtYourService, services don't have to modify selected text. Alternatively, with AtYourService, Services may display their output in a new text window, or open their output in a Web page in your default browser. How your Services work is up to the settings you specify. We provide many default useful examples.

What's new in AtYourService

Version 1.0.3:
  • Fixed problems with spaces in paths to scripts that are embedded within the AYS bundle.

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