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Undo Toolkit

09 April 2005

Adds unlimited undo/redo to your REALBasic app.


Undo Toolkit allows you to add unlimited undo and redo to your REALbasic project with just one line of code per control. Just change each control's "super" to its Undo Toolkit counterpart, add one line to set the EditUndo menu text, and you've implemented a fully featured undo system in a fraction of the time. The Undo Toolkit includes window classes that automatically prompt the user to save changes (using a Mac OS X sheet window), manage the Mac OS X Aqua change flag, enable and handle the FileSave, EditUndo and EditRedo menu items, and support unlimited levels of undo with unlimited numbers of controls. Undo Toolkit supports application-wide or window-specific undo, you can choose the undo solution that's right for your project, and provides customizable language constants for multi-lingual apps.

(As featured in Issues 1.2 and 1.4 of REALbasic Developer magazine. RBD subscribers can download the tutorial files from the subscribers-only Web site.)

What's new in Undo Toolkit

Version 1.3:
  • [New] StyledEditField: New class with one new property: SelStyledText, which returns the current selection as a StyledText object. Assigning a StyledText object to this property will change the text and styles of the current selection. (Feedback ID: sabrzvbe)
  • [New] UndoableEditField: Now a subclass of StyledEditField, and provides full support for undo and redo of styled text.
  • [Dep] StyleAction: StyleActions have been deprecated, and may be removed in a future release. UndoableEditFields no longer generate StyleActions.
  • [Chg] UndoProvider interface: The interface has changed, with one new function (ClassName, which returns the name of the class as a String) and a new, optional parameter to the FireModifiedEvent method (menuText as String, which defaults to the empty string). Any UndoProvider controls you've written will need to be updated to match the revised interface.
  • [New] UndoProvider controls: Now provide a ClassName function, which returns the name of the class (e.g., "UndoableCheckBox") as a String.
  • [New] UndoGlobals: The Toolkit now supplies and uses language constants for commonly undone tasks ("Typing", "Selection", etc.). This allows complex controls to display a more action-specific message in the EditUndo menu (e.g., "Undo Typing"), and replaces the UndoableEditField's use of integer constants to achieve the same result.
  • [New] UndoStack: The Record method's menuText parameter is now optional. You no longer need to type uMgr.record action, "Slider" for each individual Slider in your project, for example.
  • [New] UndoableAction: Now provides a ClassName function, which returns the name of the class (e.g., "ChangeAction") as a String.
  • [Fix] UndoableEditField: Fixed a bug where clicking on the selection would fire a MoveAction event, even if the user didn't actually drag the text.
  • [Fix] UndoableListBox: Now uses the Tab character as a delimiter when storing a ListBox row as a String (really this time).
  • [Fix] UndoableListBox: Fixed a bug where undoing moving a row would un-check any inline checkboxes in the row.
  • [Fix] UndoableEditField: Fixed a bug (introduced in 1.2.3) where the Modified event was firing after each keystroke.
  • [New] Debugging Tools: New UndoWindow_Debug, UndoStack_Debug and UndoStackDisplay classes make it easier to view, understand and debug the internal workings of the Toolkit. They are also useful when writing new UndoProvider classes.
  • [New] UndoableRadioButton: The requirement that UndoableRadioButtons must always be contained in an UndoableGroupBox has been relaxed slightly. If there's only one set of buttons, and you're using an UndoWindow, the UndoableGroupBox is no longer required.
  • [New] Requirements: No longer requires the Carbon Declare Library.
  • [Nte] Requirements: Now requires REALbasic 5.0 or higher.

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