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14 September 2004

Integrate your Photoshop documents in iShell.


The ultimate dream of every iShell User is finally here: full integration of your Photoshop documents inside iShell! Coupled with our innovative MVO file format, you'll get the added benefit of files that are up to 5 times smaller than Photoshop files. Currently iShell supports Photoshop files but they are treated exactly the same as standard JPEG or PNG files: only the "flattened" single-layer image is displayed. ImageLayer, on the other hand, allows you to work with individual Photoshop Layers and then extracts from your layers:
  • Name
  • X, Y position
  • Width, Height
  • Alpha Channel
  • Opacity
  • And much more...

What's new in ImageLayer

Version 1.0.9:
  • The Disable option on a standard layer (not part of a Photoshop Layer Set) will now cause the related iShell Element to be disabled when you import the file for the first time in iShell Editor.
  • Better parsing of photoshop files that contained a Layer with Effects and mask. With the previous version the hiearchy of your psd file was messed up during importing in iShell with certain files. Let me remind you that Layers with an Effect needs to be converted, see photoshop tips section. ImageLayer Tools were also updated.
  • Layer sets that contain 2 layers and are not defined as and Advanced Button are now by default set to Rollover button after users feedback.
  • Also included now standard in the download a folder which contains the Runtime modules for the iShell 4 Burn Resources folder. This is only in the Windows and OS X packages.

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