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Compress the size of JPEG photos.   Free
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freePhotoConverter can dramatically shrink JPEG photos or Web images filesize.
What's New
Version 3.5: Version 3.0.1 wasn't too good. Sorry... this version is identical to our $5 PhotoExpress 1.2.2. This means: - rock solid performance - even more settings - useful effects: sharpen, sepia and grayscale
PPC, Mac OS X 10.2 or later

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ver. 3.x:
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Palmharbor reviewed on 19 Jun 2010
This is what I got when I selected "download NOW"
Het Net heet voortaan KPN
Het Net heeft een nieuwe naam: KPN. Het Net is al sinds 1999 onderdeel van KPN en heet nu voortaan KPN. Met deze wijziging wil KPN iedereen betere diensten en service bieden. Om deze reden zijn persoonlijke homepages verplaatst van Het Net naar KPN.
De door jou opgevraagde homepage: is voortaan bereikbaar via de nieuwe kpn url:
Sla de nieuwe url op in je favorieten.

Clearly you cannot download now and maybe not at all unless you read German
[Version 3.5]


Anonymous reviewed on 27 Jan 2005
Wow! I discovered this little gem when I needed to compress some images to put on eBay. Saved my bacon (didn't have to retake a bunch of photos). And it's easy to use and the compressed images are excellent! Thanks for making this available!
[Version 3.5]


Anonymous reviewed on 30 Mar 2004
Version 2.5 works fine at Pathos but many people report bugs we can not reproduce. If you're are a happy 2.4 user do not 'upgrade' now. We will be working on a bug free new version for everyone. Sorry for the inconvenience. This is why we don't dare to ask any money.

Greetings, Pathos.

P.S. Let me now if you want access to a 2.4 copy.
[Version 2.5]

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Anonymous commented on 31 Mar 2004
Why don't you put the 2.4 back on so people can re-download it to use until you get your bug fixed in 2.5 coz there are people already dumped the 2.4 and found your 2.5 is not working right and now they have nothing to use.


Wayfarer reviewed on 28 Jan 2004
ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT piece of software. I was looking for something that would convert my photoshop files into jpegs, but that would also compress at a good rate - sounds strange, but that type of utility is VERY hard to come by.

I've tried Photoshop, but its format conversion features are TERRIBLE, even in the new version. I tried Graphic Converter, but it's compression rate isn't up to much. I've tried other smaller desktop utilities, but they couldn't read the Photoshop format.

And then I found this software, and it did it with minimum fuss, and at a compression rate I'm still finding hard to believe. Barely any quality loss and a tiny file size. Better than Photoshop, and FREE. Unbelievable. Well done Pathos. You're a credit to software coders everywhere.
[Version 2.4]

Pathos Software commented on 25 Aug 2003
Dear Crispin Satchemoe and all other users. freePhotoConverter never alters your original file. It always makes a copy.
[Version 2.2v2]


Anonymous reviewed on 17 Jul 2003
This is perfect! Very easy and quick to use. Shrinks my photos in a second!
[Version 2v5]

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Version Downloads:10,192
Type:Multimedia Design : Image Editing
Date:23 Aug 2004
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
Overall (Version 3.x):
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freePhotoConverter can dramatically shrink JPEG photos or Web images filesize.

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