GPS Connect

0.2 14 Jul 2003

Connectivity to Garmin GPS receivers.


Developer website: Chimoosoft

GPS Connect is a freeware program for Mac OS X which offers connectivity to Garmin GPS receivers. The intended use is to backup waypoints from the GPS to your computer. Downloaded waypoints may be saved in a native file format or exported to a variety of other formats such as tab-delimited, comma-separated, or Terrabrowser format. The program also supports upload of waypoints to the GPS receiver, although for this beta version, only one waypoint may be uploaded at a time. The NMEA protocol is also supported and allows the user to view real time data from the GPS including latitude, longitude, elevation, direction of travel, and speed. The travel direction is shown on a compass rose and the program will optionally use Text to Speech to update you on your progress.

This is beta level software and has not been extensively tested. We need your help testing this program with GPS receivers! If your GPS receiver model and software version number doesn't appear on the list of tested receivers below, please send us an email and let us know what works and what doesn't work.

Tested GPS Models/Versions:

  • eMap 2.52, 2.75
  • eTrex Legend 2.41
  • 12 CX 2.01
  • 12 XL 2.02

Developing software takes time and effort. If you like our products, please consider donating a small amount! Any donation will be appreciated and will encourage further development, see our webpage for details.

What's New

Version 0.2 adds the following:
  • Implemented support for GPX: the GPS eXchange Format as found on . This is a standard file format which is compatible with many GPS programs (Mac, Linux, Windows, etc.). This is now the default file format* for GPS Connect and is used whenever you save a file (not export). * note, you can still open a file produced by GPS Connect version 0.1, however, you can no longer save in this format.
  • Added a custom document icon for the GPX format.
  • Added drag and drop support from the finder (you can now drag your GPX file onto the GPS Connect icon to open it.
  • Double clicking on a GPX file will now open it with GPS Connect.
  • Fixed a couple of instances where older GPS units might not report their waypoint icons correctly.
  • Added printing support (for waypoints).
  • Waypoint Window improvements
  • comment column added
  • icon name column added
  • changing an icon name changes the icon.
  • columns are now resizeable
  • find waypoints option added
  • you can now copy waypoints in GPX format and paste them into another window.
  • fixed sorting for numeric columns
  • drag and drop support lets you drag waypoints between open waypoint windows.


Mac OS X 10.2.6 (not tested on previous OS X versions).


Current Version (0.x)


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14 Jul 2003
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