Filemaker vCard Creator

3.3 21 Apr 2010

Convert FileMaker databases to vCard format.


Developer website: Mac Alert

Filemaker vCard Creator is a Filemaker database that converts your database records/Tab Delimited file to one vCard that can be imported or dragged and dropped onto Mac OS X Address Book.

Simply import your file or existing records into the corresponding fields in the vCard Creator database and hit export to create ONE vCard file for ALL records.

This was created to load up my Address book with all my Clients and Suppliers from my Filemaker database. I did this so I could use iSync to get the data over Bluetooth to my Mobile Phone. Its a quick and easy solution that you can use time and time again if you need to update your addressbook. There is another vCard creator out there (Address Book vCard Creator) which only does one record at a time - thats why I wrote my version.

This is shareware which allows you to try with 5 records to make sure this solution is suitable for your needs. Please pay what you think it is worth to you (minimum of $10) via Paypal. Instructions on use and registering are all within the Database.

What's New

Version 3.3:
  • Now works in latest versions of Leopard! V3.3 fixes an issue that prevented the vcard file from working.
  • There is now a native FileMaker 10 version available (v 3.3) as well as a FileMaker 5.5-6 version (2.9.1).
  • Finally added in some extra customisable Fields as well as Categories and Keywords which will allow you to identify records properly in the Address Book.
  • Also will show as a Company in Address Book now if Company field is filled in. Imports of thousands of records into the Address Book are now a breeze!


  • Mac OS X 10.3 or later
  • FileMaker 7-10. Filemaker 5.5-6 with included older version.


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21 Apr 2010
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