Barcode Producer PDF417
Barcode Producer PDF417


Barcode Producer PDF417 free download for Mac

Barcode Producer PDF417

26 June 2003

Print PDF417 barcodes.


Barcode Producer PDF417 creates PDF417 barcodes which are used to store large amounts of text in a number of different industries. The size of a regular barcode, PDF417 barcodes can hold over 1 kilobyte of data. Features include:
  • Integrated barcode value editor with options for return characters and trailing spaces.
  • Customizable column/row settings, with manual and automatic sizing modes.
  • Built-in configuration checker, ensuring that any custom options leave enough space for the barcode value plus applicable error correction.
  • Easy-to-use interface built exclusively for Mac OS X. Screenshot:
  • Support for varying amounts of PDF417 barcode error correction. With PDF417 barcode error correction, over 50% of the barcode can be entirely destoyed without loss of readability.

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