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25 June 2003

Spatial modeling analytical tool.


MFworks can be used to process this data to identify areas of rapid change, steepness of slope, aspect or hillside facing, or the ways in which water might drain over the surface. It can be used to measure change over time for events such as deforestation, urban sprawl or desertification. Defining the relationship between locations is also a function of grid analysis - allowing users to determine areas of intervisibility or co-incidental events.

What's new in MFworks

Version 3.0 enhances the existing collection of more than 30 grid data analysis routines. These tools are ideal for processing a form of geospatial data commonly called grid data‚. This type of information is represented as a matrix of evenly spaced cells forming a grid. It is a popular format used around the world to represent surfaces or continuous data.

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