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5k Poker Dice X


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5k Poker Dice X1.3

25 June 2003

Cross between a Poker and dice game.


5k Poker Dice is a cross cross between poker and the traditional 5-dice games, with several variations to play. Traditional, Down the Line, Wild Cards, Roll for Par, Face Off, Acey Deucey, Hearts, and Lots of Zingers. Down the Line is the toughest nut to crack, as you must score each category in order, Aces, then Twos, then Threes, right down the line. Wild Cards includes wild cards if you are lucky enough to get one (or more); you set the number and suit. Each roll offers new chances at more wild cards. Lots of Zingers allows you to score Zingers over and over again in the same game, each additional Zinger giving you a free extra turn, even in multiplayer games. Roll for Par offers a golf lover's twist on the game... the person with the LOWEST score wins. Scoring in Roll for Par is the number of rolls it takes to fulfill all the categories. Acey Deucey offers a special bonus for any roll that includes a one and two. And the other variations offer their own unique spins to the game.

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