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Correct color issues and more.   Updater
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Version 2225.2:
  • Colors should be correct on all versions of MacOS X with ATI hardware.
  • Several crash bugs fixed.
  • Updated OpenAL and SDL to versions used with ut2004.
  • Several fixes for community mods.
  • Finder should report game version (2225.2) correctly now.
PPC, Unreal Tournament 2003 (commercial version).

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Unreal Tournament... User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 2225.x:
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Anonymous reviewed on 12 May 2004
Version 1 update was a lost cause for me, with random crashes and failure to load. Version 2 of this UTK3 update is great. Speed, stability and increased effects. Third party maps play well without problems. UT 2003 plays almost as well as 2004, hard to choose which one to use on regular death match. If you had problems before, use this, excellent updater.
Quicksilver Dual 1gig, 1.5 gig ram, Geforce Ti 128mb. OS 10.28
[Version 2225.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 03 May 2004
Excellent! This seems to fix all of the random ingame crashes which were previously spoiling the game for me.

Just one remaining problem: the CTF-CBP-Betrayal map (from the bonus pack) usually crashes just before the game starts.
[Version 2225.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 03 May 2004
I just tried this update and still no go. I cannot get this game to play off a ATI 9000 for the life of me.
It quits just after the square black splash screen.
I will not buy UT2004 until this is fixed.
[Version 2225.2]

2 Replies

Anonymous commented on 03 May 2004
Best you not download updaters for 2003, if your running 2004 then.
Anonymous commented on 05 May 2004
Are the colors still messed up? I have an ATI 9000 also and the colors are all screwy

Anonymous reviewed on 11 Mar 2004
This is outrageous. I install the SUPPOSED installer patch, and I run the regular installer, and it doesn't work. People, DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS, IT ONLY CAUSES MORE GRIEF! I am TRULY disappointed.
[Version 2225.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 09 Nov 2003
On any custom map (at least while playing this on Panther), it quits. It makes playing online unplayable. Please fix this soon.
[Version 2225.1]

3 Replies

Anonymous commented on 14 Nov 2003
It's crashing all the time for me, too--first on 10.26 and again on 10.28. Verrrrry frustrating--UT2K3 already has fewer available servers than the original UT. Now, with these crashes, there are even fewer servers I can play on.
Anonymous commented on 24 Dec 2003
I brought my computer to a LAN party I crashed nearly ten times. It was rather embarassing considering that this was the only Mac at the event.

It's always the same info in the .log crash report:

Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001)
Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS (0x0001) at 0x7f602431

Please improve the stability soon! UT2K4 is using the same engine so what effects this game effects the future of MacSoft and the gamers alike.
Anonymous commented on 03 May 2004
I had the same issues at a lan party with my G5. I really began to piss me off. Any time someone voted for a new map, I got booted. They lan game also didn't recognize that I had been patched, half the time it told me I could not play...

Hurricanefl commented on 30 Oct 2003
The file is corrupt. Many attempts to re-download it all resulted in a corrupt file. Unable to decompress. The connection is DSL. 85K sec.
[Version 2225.1]

1 Reply

Anonymous commented on 30 Oct 2003

The file is corrupt for you. I just downloaded it and unstuffed it with no trouble whatever.

Anonymous reviewed on 29 Oct 2003
Awesome! Noticeable improvement. And THANK YOU for removing the CD-insert requirement. That was driving me crazy!
[Version 2225.1]

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Version Downloads:3,914
Type:Games : Action
Date:03 May 2004
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
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