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Work Sets

19 June 2003

Capture and restore various states of your Mac.


[ Via MacInTouch ] Work Sets is an innovative application that allows you to capture and restore the state of your Mac. Work Sets will remember which applications you have running and for enhanced applications it will remember which documents those applications have open, their position on the screen, and many other things - all with the push of one button. And to reopen all of these applications, documents, etc. you simply "restore" the "Work Set" - with either the push of a button or you can assign a hotkey(like F1 for example) so you can restore from any application at any time! This allows you to switch from project to project in an instant!

Work Sets allows you to use your Mac in a totally new way. When you are working on a project you often have many applications, documents, Web pages, and folders open. Switching from project to project or working on a project that you have not worked on for awhile takes time because you have to find and open all of the associated applications, documents, Web pages, and folders. Often you forget where you put files and what was that great Web page that had all of the information you needed for this project? With Work Sets, all you have to do is capture a new "Work Set" with the push of one button, and restore it when you want to work on your project again.


  • Create numerous "Work Sets" that capture different sets of applications and documents that are open on your computer.
  • Restore "Work Sets" to reopen documents, Finder windows, and Web pages.
  • Edit "Work Sets" by deleting, updating, and adding items.
  • Assign hotkeys to restore any "Work Set".
  • Add AppleScripts to "Work Sets".
  • Edit AppleScripts with the built-in AppleScript editor.
  • Includes built-in AppleScripts for iTunes, QuickTime Player, and more.

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