Trilithon GuideLines

1.0 16 Jun 2003

Displays guide lines on the screen.


Developer website: Trilithon Software

Trilithon GuideLines displays horizontal and vertical guide bars on the screen, enabling precision alignment of items in Web pages and other graphics application.

  • First and Fourth Quadrants: horizontal guidelines can measure either from the lower-left of the screen (first quadrant) or from the upper-left of the screen (fourth quadrant)
  • GuideLines starts with an initial set of four guidelines (two each of horizontal and vertical) that trisect the screen on each axis
  • Create New GuideLines by clicking the mouse in the "track" at the edge of the screen.
  • The new guide is created and you can move it to where you wish
  • Remove A GuideLine by dragging it out of the "track"
  • Create GuideLine Grids spaced evenly across the screen, or spaced evenly between the lowest and highest guides on each axis
  • Distribute GuideLine Grids by selecting Grid Horizontal or Grid Vertical from the menu and then selecting the number of guides (from two to ten)
  • GuideLine Units includes Inches, Picas, Points, Centimetres, Millimetres, Pixels, and Percentage of Length
  • GuideLine Scale Factors from 25 percent through 200 percent in increments of 25 percent
  • GuideLine Colours can be set to one of twelve different colours
  • GuideLine Opacity can be set to one of ten different levels of transparency from 10 percent to 100 percent
  • Move GuideLines by dragging with the mouse. The real-time display tells you the current coordinate
  • Group GuideLines with ?G (command G) so that they can be moved as a group
  • Absolute or Relative Measurements with ?R (command R);
  • Absolute measurements displays coordinates relative to the screen;
  • Relative measurements displays coordinates relative to the lowest guideline.
  • If you move a guideline below the lowest one, the display changes to match
  • Show or Hide Coordinate Display with ?S (command S);
  • Coordinates display can be turned off; The display turns back on temporarily when you move guides
  • Remember Settings across sessions of using GuideLines
  • Remember Current GuideLines across sessions of using GuideLines
  • Restore Initial Settings


Mac OS X 10.1 or later


Current Version (1.x)


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Multimedia Design / Author Tools
16 Jun 2003
OS X / PPC 32