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FractionAction X
30 December 2011

Fraction conversion tool.


FractionAction converts between rational fractions, decimals (with periodicity) , simple continued fractions and Long Division output (USA notation) within program's computational limits. Also shows factors for fraction's top and bottom (in reduced form with GCD [greatest common divisor]). Results not guaranteed (i.e. don't use results to help build your rocket ship, etc.): reports of errors welcomed. Not a tutorial on the functions.

What's new in FractionAction X

  • LongDivisionGenerator program (from schisaproductions) incorporated into f/a.
  • A continued fraction may now be unfolded from its simple fraction or collapsed to simple fraction from continued fraction, steps shown with simple general rules. They also may reflect font selection attributes from main window.
  • modest user interface modifications and corrections.
  • updated various internal code: error and arithmetic overflow checking, GUI interactions and behavior fixes/alterations, input/output/process code modifications.
  • switched from Bob Delaney's Extended plugin for RealStudio to his fp plugin for RealStudio (no user noticeable difference here, i am fairly sure).
  • infinite sets window augmented, documents augmented. Dubious comments by myself throughout these documents.
  • Cocoa build. Though Cocoa is in beta with RealStudio, I chose to go with it and have noticed no problems. Current version of RealStudio does not compile to powerPC and I've no powerPC computer to test current version of f/a with older RealStudio compiler, so no powerPC version here (if requested, I could give it a "blind go" without testing at all). Older version currently still on site for PowerPc use.
NOTE: f/a is beta and just might always be so.

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