Rasche's Schafkopf

3.53 25 Mar 2006

Family and community card game.


Developer website: Uwe Rasche

Rasche's Schafkopf contains our new 3D user interface. You will find yourself sitting at the table with 3 opponents, both of whom are fully animated if you choose. For example, you?ll see them deal and play out their cards during the game.

Aside from the new visual effects, special new playing routines have been developed for Schafkopf/Sheepshead that brings the computer?s level of play to an even higher standard. In this regard, Rasche's Schafkopf/Sheepshead also introduces a new fantasy element in the form of an entire ?town? of Schafkopf/Sheepshead players ready to take you on. Your goal is to increase your starting capital by playing Schafkopf/Sheepshead. There are eight different rooms with players of different skill levels and a variety of six game options. But don't get carried away with the various attractions. Your goal is still to win!

The rich history of this game has produced a number of local variations, but the basic outlines have been standardized by the German Schafkopf Association. These and the US-rules from the National Sheepshead Association form the basis of this program which implements a four-player version of the game.

Options include:

  • German or English version.
  • 6 voices for the simulated players (3 male and 3 female).
  • Individual rating of your play
  • 8 different playing styles.
  • 12 main solo types.
  • select from 4 card faces. (an additional 8 can be purchased separately)
  • context-sensitive help and suggestions for play.
  • Practice mode.
  • and much more.

What's New

Updater requires a password: The first 4 letters of your serial number


Mac OS 8.6 or later, including Mac OS X.


Current Version (3.x)


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Games / Card and Board
25 Mar 2006
OS Classic / OS X / PPC 32 / Intel 32