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Test Factory4.8

06 December 2004

Student assessment tool.


The Test Factory is a desktop application that creates multiple choice tests that students may perform in a computer network setting or on a single station computer. In the network version a single computer may serve a Test Factory file to multiple students on networked computers. When students complete their test, the score data is returned to the server and stored in a Test Factory file. In single station version a student may double click a Test Factory file, perform the test, and save his or her score in the Test Factory file. The Test Factory can configure a test to implement Apple's Speech Manager to speak questions. You may also configure a test to send score data directly to a printer when a student has completed his or her test. You may also configure a test to randomize question order. Every time a student takes a test, the questions will be shuffled in a random order. A teacher may print a test with correct answer key, and may print a test which randomly shuffles question order with a correct answer key for that order.

A teacher or test author may export his or her test in Rich Text Format, HTML (form), or PDF format. The Test Factory implements drag and drop picture files directly into the Question Inspector. Each question may contain any number of pictures. After an test author has completed his or her test, and multiple students have performed and submitted their test, test data may be measured and evaluated. The Test Factory automatically calculates the mean score, minimum score, maximum score, deviations from the mean, a percentile rank for each student, the standard deviation, Kuder-Richardson 20 Formula, item discriminiation, and item difficulty.

Making a multiple choice test can be tedius. Aside from concerns of reliablitiy and validity, the process of making hard copies, administrating the test, and marking and recording grades may take hours if not days. The Test Factory system eliminates the process of copying and grading. A student may double click a test file to take his or her test. The Test Factory will simplify your assessment by automating student evaluation providing more time in your teaching schedule for instruction.

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