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22 September 2003

Create calendar contacts.


iPIM is an application for creating a calendar and contacts used to manage all the appointments and deadlines for one or more individuals.

iPIM makes it easy to organize a company or workgroup because it makes it possible to share appointments and information in a simple, clear manner.

By using a client/server technology, all individuals access the same data in real time, without needing to acquire third party applications or pay for expensive Internet services for information support. This means your appointments can be managed, meetings can be organized for one or more people, the same contacts can be shared, as well as all other activities usually found in calendars.

In addition, each user is free to work even when not connected to the server, thanks to special information synchronizing functionalities. It is easy to take your calendar and contacts home or on vacation, so you are always up to date on your activities.

What's new in iPIM

Version 1.0 adds the following:
  • Categories can have a color associated with them
  • Priority and Category menus now display the associated color
  • Category color is now displayed in the bar along the top of the appointment, if used
  • A new icon (curled arrow) is placed near the appointment duration to recognize repeating events
  • Window title now displays the name of the calendar's owner
  • A banner with the current selected user name is displayed when using a remote calendar
  • More flexible visualization of the appointment information block
  • The startup dialog of iPIM now allows to create a new calendar document
  • Added support to copy and paste appointments and to dos
  • Added option to show all the users of a remote calendar to the Groups pop-up menu

Changes and fixed bugs

  • The bar along the top of the appointment has now the correct size for short events
  • Fixed a problem when deleting a company linked to a contact record
  • Company contact linked to a person contact is now updated when confirming the record
  • Fixed tool tips language
  • Fixed the color used to display Sunday in weekly view
  • Fixed a problem when using repeating appointments
  • Terminated to dos are now correctly displayed in monthly view
  • Alarms for terminated to dos are no more displayed
  • Fixed a problem when extending alarms to the day after
  • Fixed an incorrect behavior with repeating appointments and to dos
  • Fixed a crash when deleting the last occurence of a repeating appointment
  • Fixed warning message when adding a new activity to a different user calendar
  • Changed the behavior of Group pop-up menu (activities are no more filtered)
  • Changed some field labels in the Text Format Importing window
  • Fixed a bug when importing hour fields from a delimited text file
  • Fixed an importing incompatibility with Power On Software's Now Up-To-Date

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