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Colorize icons in the Finder.   Shareware ($5.00)
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Color Labels was written to re-introduce the ability to colorize icons in the Finder - a feature that is currently unavailable in Mac OS X (as of 10.2.5). This is done by creating a custom icon and applying it to the file or folder. This also works with Mac OS 9.0 or later to give icons a different color from the standard labels.
What's New
Version 1.3:
  • Clearing Mac OS Labels saves the old label value with the file or folder
  • Added Restore Mac OS Labels
  • Added French version
  • Fixed restoring Modification date on changed files
  • Fixed getting picture size on Intel Macs when applying picture icon
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.3 or later

Color Labels User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Civ reviewed on 01 Jun 2010
Just got this little app. It works well in OS X 10.6.3 and does what it says, namely to apply a color tinge to any file or folder icon. it can also be combined with any of the standard Apple labels. The developer was also extremely prompt to reply the same day to a query of mine.
Five stars from me.
[Version 1.3]


nowheredense commented on 02 Oct 2009
Is Color Labels v1.3 compatible with Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard)?
[Version 1.3]


KZX72 commented on 11 Apr 2008
Is Color Labels compatible with Leopard?
[Version 1.2]

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Adonsa replied on 24 Feb 2009
I tried the demo under System Leopard 10.5.6.
I could not get it to colorize multiple files at once
I colored about 2 files successfully; there are some other file types I could not get it to work on.
During this time, it left a large white vertical bar obscuring about 1 inch of the right side of the screen.
Then the demo returned a warning that I must wait until tomorrow until I use it again. So, I quit the demo and restarted it.

Bad bad bad

The demo then placed a large white area obscuring about 95% of the screen, then froze everything; control alt escape was disabled. I had to do a power off reboot to recover. So much for protected memory.

I suspect that either it is not adequately System Leopard compatible, or that the demo is so crippled it's unwise to use. Next, I'll have to run Disk First Aid, repair permissions, onyx, in order to resolve any corruption the demo might have left behind.

This application has the potential to replace the neglected Labels-X, HOWEVER, until a fully compatible and well tested version is published, don't even think of running the demo under System Leopard.

Anonymous reviewed on 20 Jul 2005
Try Hey Folders!

it's free !!!
[Version 1.1.5]

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Anonymous commented on 21 Jul 2005
Free, but requires X.3.
Isnogood for my X.2.8,
so ColorLabels is best.

Anonymous reviewed on 14 Jun 2005
I haven't tried this with Tiger, but it works fine with Panther. I tried Labels X, but I found that when I changed a folder color, that color did not appear in the Finder sidebar. I wrote to Unsanity, and they said that they tried doing it but never got to it.

With Color Labels, however, I find that the new colors are reflected in the sidebar. And since Panther already allows me to colorize any text (but no folders or icons), then Color Labels fills in the gap nicely. And it's considerably cheaper.
[Version 1.1.4]


Anonymous reviewed on 15 Jan 2005
Very nice program. Usually you get a month tryout, then an option to buy. I changed colors on some folders and a few minutes later tried to change them back and was advised that this was a demo copy, try again tomorrow. It's tomorrow now and I'm stuck with the test colors. Rather rude!
[Version 1.1.4]

iMacThere4iAm commented on 23 Jun 2004
This seems to do the same as Labels X by Unsanity. That just applies a colour overlay on top of the icon and is very effective. It is also backwards-compatible with MacOS 9 labels so an item labelled in classic will show up as labelled in X with Labels X installed. This works the other way around too.I haven't used this utility though so I can't say which is better.
[Version 1.1.3]

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Anonymous commented on 21 Aug 2004
Hi; Color Labels is better than Labels X because Color Labels is a simple prog that works independent from the Finder and leaves the system untouched; you can define unlimited fields of DragNdropColors etc.

Anonymous reviewed on 16 Jun 2004
Colors the Icon, and with the possiblity of using various tints, this a far handier utility than Apple's.
And the price is not bad at all!
[Version 1.1.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 16 Feb 2004
"Reintoduced" is inaccurate. What Apple added was a new feature, different from and less versatile than the old labels, and IMO really ugly to boot. Any 3d party app that gives back what Apple taketh away is a GoodThing.
[Version 1.0.4]


Anonymous reviewed on 26 Jan 2004
Color Labels lets you add extra color buttons to the color palette, I really like that. Gives good color saturation, and you can even colorize icons for use in CandBar, now that's cool. Found it a little frustrating to use in demo mode, because it had a little problem coloring previously customized icons and then cut out, but the developer gave really good support so I tried out a registered version and am pretty happy with it. I'm really grateful for this affordable little app, especially since the only competition, Labels X, shows no signs of ever being ready for Panther. Thanks again Robin!
[Version 1.0.3]

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Version Downloads:2,625
Type:Utilities : System
Date:05 Aug 2009
Platform:PPC 32 / Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $5.00
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Color Labels was written to re-introduce the ability to colorize icons in the Finder - a feature that is currently unavailable in Mac OS X (as of 10.2.5). This is done by creating a custom icon and applying it to the file or folder. This also works with Mac OS 9.0 or later to give icons a different color from the standard labels.

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