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Mac No-IP X checks your IP address at a given time intervals to see if it has changed. If your IP address has changed, it will notify our DNS servers and update the IP corresponding to your No-IP/No-IP+ hostname.
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Version 3.1.2a: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
PPC, Mac OS X 10.2 or later

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ver. 3.x:
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Cowicide reviewed on 22 Oct 2008
WARNING - Can damage your system
Check my review history at VT over the years, this is a regrettable first for me. This company is the worst I've ever dealt with in 15+ years. They make changes to your network that can cause functionality problems and they will absolutely REFUSE to let you know what on earth their undocumented scripts, etc. do to your system and how to properly remove them. Avoid this software and service like the plague. They wrecked my ability to use printer sharing until I painfully figured out how to remove their changes to my network (while in the meantime they REFUSED to assist me with this and are in absolute denial that they had anything to do with it). Magically, printer sharing works again immediately after removing their trojan horse of an app. They REFUSE to document what they specifically affect on your system and it makes me wonder if that is for nefarious purposes or just gross ineptitude. Either way, this has by far been the worst app experience I've ever had. The company I work for is even considering legal action against them. Rotten customer "service" and a rotten app. AVOID.
[Version 3.1.2a]


Anonymous reviewed on 23 Sep 2005
I've been using No-Ip for years, totally trouble free. The OS X app is so transparent i forgot to install it on my new machine...
[Version 3.1.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 21 Jun 2005
please backup your claims with reasons
[Version 3.1.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 05 Jun 2005
the no-ip service is great.
[Version 3.1.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 04 Jun 2005
I have used BOTH and simultaneously for several years. BOTH work fine under Tiger.
[Version 3.1.1]

MazdaDunDee commented on 12 Feb 2004
This is a wicked program for sharing your web sites that are on your mac. It can give you a web address IE instead of an IP address
[Version 3.0b10]


hced had trouble on 09 Jul 2007
The scheduled updates doesn't work for me. When I view the update logfile, the dates are out of order, displaying such dates as 2007.25.25 (in YYYY.MM.DD format, that is). Hence, it never updates on regular basis and I'm currently having to manually update each day.

Would be awesome if this could be addresses. As well as having the daemon update once after each computer restarts (that is, if it doesn't already do that).

Otherwise, No-Ip is a winner! I love everything else about it. Thanks.

Note: I'm using Mac OS X 10.4.10 on a dual G5 2.5 PPC with 1.5 GB RAM.
[Version 3.1.2]

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hced commented on 09 Jul 2007
On a further note, I deleted the log and had a new one created for me. Now it's the correct year and date, but the month is 1 month ahead, eg. now showing 2007.09.09, whereas it's in fact 2007.08.09 (again, in YY.MM.DD format).

As far as whether the updating of my IP goes, it might be working or might not, that is, my problem with visitors being unable to enter my server, could possibly be related to the web server I'm using (Abyss Web Server).

But nevertheless, I think the wrong date in the MacNoIP_DUC.log is a bit weird.

phripley had trouble on 12 Apr 2007
I attempted to install 3.1.2 over 3.1.1 but the installer refused to proceed.

I opened a trouble ticket with the folks at and they stated that the are not substantial differences between 3.1.1 and 3.1.2.

The new version number is because they are using a different installed in 3.1.2

Users of 3.1.1 need not (and likely cannot) update to 3.1.2
[Version 3.1.2]

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Type:Internet : Servers
Date:30 Oct 2007
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
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Mac No-IP X checks your IP address at a given time intervals to see if it has changed. If your IP address has changed, it will notify our DNS servers and update the IP corresponding to your No-IP/No-IP+ hostname.

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