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Bid on eBay actions at the last minute.   Shareware ($9.99)
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Maxi Bidder is designed for Mac eBay Bidders so they can bid on eBay Auctions at the last minute without having to be at the computer. Bidding at the last minute can save you time and money.
What's New
Version 2.0.2:
  • Fix - Many changes in eBay lately. Had to move some of the bidding process engine around for all countries.
  • Known issue - after bidding, the current price is not getting updated. Will resolve when bay stabilizes.
Intel, Mac OS X 10.5 or later

Maxi Bidder User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 2.x:
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burypromote commented on 27 Dec 2008
Don't waste your time or money on this software.
It used to work ok a few years ago.
It no longer functions correctly.
It won't snipe on an auction.
The developer does NOT provide adequate support.
Nor does he deal with issues in a timely manner.
You'll end up wasting time reloading and trying to snipe auctions.

If you really need to snipe auctions on a Mac, use something else.
Try jBidWatcher. (good)
Or AuctionHunter. (very good)
At least they will bid, so you actually stand a chance of winning the auction with your snipe.

Please, avoid MaxiBidder.
Or at least do your homework first, read thru the support forums at ColourfullCreations. There you'll see how those who have wasted their money are now wasting their time trying to get MaxiBidder to snipe.

Save yourself the headache and heartache, don't lose that auction on eBay because you tried to use MaxiBidder.
[Version 1.99r12]


RoloD reviewed on 14 Jul 2008
Flakey software (v 1.99r8/Mac OS 10.5.4), poorly supported by developer. For several months I used it regularly with some success but it proved unreliable if I was bidding for more than one auction. Now it does not seem to place bids at all and I have had to stop using it. On previous versions major bugs (incorrect time reporting) were allowed to remain for several months, and developers forum board (the only point of support) was out of action for many weeks. Avoid.
[Version 1.99r8]



jmrnyc reviewed on 04 Feb 2007
I don't know why people are saying Maxi is not bidding for them. I've used this for quite awhile w/o any issues. You have to be sure your machine and hard drive are not set to sleep. Some people set the CPU not to sleep bu forget to uncheck the hard drive sleep option. Be sure you've set you time zone correctly. I find this very easy to use, prob bid on 20-30 auctions and it did not miss one.
[Version 1.99r6]


seahonu reviewed on 06 Jan 2007
I've used Maxibidder with some success over the years. However, the program has failed to work in the past 4 auctions I wanted to bid on. I cannot recommend MaxiBidder and I am now looking for a better alternative.
[Version 1.99r6]



Alan reviewed on 18 Sep 2006
I bought this application about 1.5 years ago, and I've been happy since then.


please, do not get discouraged by the negative reviews. Continue developing Maxi Bidder.


follow the instructions, not your intuition.
[Version 1.99r6]


l008com commented on 10 Jul 2006
I figured I'd give this app a try today since I was going to be away from computers during an auction I really wanted to win. So I set it up and let it run while I was away. I set my max bid to $155.89. I got home and the auction was over with a high bid of $151. Thanks for nothing Maxi Bidder. This was a very unique auction and I'm very upset. Don't use this program, it simply doesn't work.
[Version 1.99r5]

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Moog modular replied on 19 Jul 2007
At that dollar level, you would have had to bid at least $156 to trump a $151 bid.
You bid $155 and so Ebay rejected your bid.


kuzelnik reviewed on 30 Jun 2006
This software DOES NOT WORK as advertised. I've made MANY attempts to use it (after purchasing it) and all bids have failed--even after contacting the developer and doing his suggestions. I've had too many failed auctions to place any trust in this software any more. There are better, more reliable options out there.
[Version 1.99r5]

JimRCGMO commented on 10 May 2006
The developer needs to update this (I'm at version 1.99r5 currently) more often so it consistently works. I've had it several months (paid $), and it worked for a while, then it fails to make the snipes - whether that eBay has changed something or it's a bug in the program, I couldn't say.

I've emailed them about it and the first time was told that they were working on an update, then I got the update but it didn't work the next time I tried to use the snipe (a few weeks later). That time when I tried to email them, I get a snotty letter telling me to go to their forum and post there for support. Unless they get their act together and fix this so it works for more than a couple or three weeks, I'm not paying any upgrade fees and will not be using this.
[Version 1.99r5]


Anonymous reviewed on 16 Jul 2005
I have owned this a year. It reminds me a lot of EarthBrowser. If I'm lucky, it will work 75% of the time. Developer - don't blame the users - make it fool proof!
[Version 1.99]


Anonymous reviewed on 29 Jun 2005
It didn't make the bid.
really pissed
[Version 1.98]

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Date:22 Dec 2011
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Maxi Bidder is designed for Mac eBay Bidders so they can bid on eBay Auctions at the last minute without having to be at the computer. Bidding at the last minute can save you time and money.

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