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The Service Manager allows you to enable and disable applications' services. It also lets you change key commands and menu item organization.
PPC, Mac OS X 10.2 or later

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Anonymous reviewed on 13 Sep 2005
Just installed Servicemanager into the prefpanes part of my lib and promptly ran it. took a bit longer to load than any other 3rd party pref panes i use, such as little snitch, key xing, etc, but was easy and intuitive to use. after disabling some extraneous services that have 'added themselves' over the last year or so (wolfenstein 3d and jedi knight 2 both added stuff to my svcs menu i didn't ask them to, along with some others here and there) i used the 'update services menu' button and it did just that, removing them from my often-used services menu. only strange thing, which i've just repeated two times in a row to doublecheck, is that when exiting System Prefs after using Service Manager, sys.prefs has crashed three times now. the changes are made, so not that big of a deal. did what i needed. proper respect to the author. :-)
[Version 0.8]


Anonymous reviewed on 01 Jun 2005
I can't believe I've been dumb enough to live without this for so many years...

Must have. Should have been made by Apple a log time ago!

Thanks a lot.
[Version 0.8]


Anonymous reviewed on 15 May 2005
FYI, this nifty preference pane still works fine in Tiger! I used to kill the Opera services that get added as a result of having Photoshop Elements 3 installed. Apparently PE3 uses Opera for its help system and it has a hidden copy of Opera within it.
[Version 0.8]


Anonymous reviewed on 05 May 2005
Simple and very useful. A must have.
[Version 0.8]


Anonymous reviewed on 04 Feb 2005
w00t. Thank you sir.
[Version 0.8]


Anonymous reviewed on 30 Jan 2005
My thanks to the developer. This application allowed me instantly to clean up my Services menu, the clutter in which has annoyed me for a couple of years. Why it is not a feature of the Apple OS X System Preferences app is beyond me. It would be even more helpful if it were able completely to remove, instead of merely turn off, the items in the Services menu that one does not want-- for example, the items that pertain to apps that one tried but later deleted.
[Version 0.8]


Allen Watson1 reviewed on 13 Nov 2003
I've been looking for something like this for weeks! Thank you many times over. The ability to turn services on or off and to set or unset the keyboard shortcuts is almost indispensible, since I ended up with 67 applications offering services, with dozens of duplications in shortcut keys. I was happy to discover that double-clicking on a service in the left column reveals its source in the Finder. I was surprised, however, to find that the list includes services offered by applications that reside on my external Firewire disk drive. Why?
[Version 0.8]


Bepe had trouble on 28 Feb 2009
Does not work with my Intel iMac with Leopard (cause of Intel) :-(((
But works perfectly on an PPC iMac G5 with Leopard.

Is there some way to changing that?

An other question : Did someone know a piece of software to enable the services menu on the right-clic ???

thanks by advance
[Version 0.8]

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Version Downloads:5,231
Type:Utilities : System
Date:13 May 2003
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
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The Service Manager allows you to enable and disable applications' services. It also lets you change key commands and menu item organization.

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