HP PSC 900 Driver
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HP all-in-one 900 series driver.   Free
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HP PSC 900 Driver contains the drivers for a Hewlett Packard PSC 900 all-in-one series printers.
What's New
Version 7.3.1:
  • Improved support
  • Increased stability
  • Greater functionality and a wide range of bug fixes.
  • PPC
  • Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later
  • HP 900 all-in-one series printer.

MacUpdate - HP PSC 900 Driver

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HP PSC 900 Driver User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 7.x:
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Anonymous reviewed on 22 Sep 2005
HP PSC devices in general are a complete pain to use, both on a PC or a Mac. The drivers are bloated with crap that you do not require and are horribly slow.

Not only that, but for whatever reason, the PSC series doesn't like being shared over a network from Windows to Mac or vice versa. It only wants to play with one OS at a time it would seem.

Ever since I bought this printer I've struggled with it and the HP drivers for OS X are even worse than on the PC (despite the bloat on that platform).

There are opensource, free, light drivers that work quite well in opposite to these. You just have to install the two packages and go.

[Version 7.3.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 22 Sep 2005
HP All-in-ones just aren't a good idea. Get a fax machine fore faxing, get a scanner for scanning, and get a DeskJet for printing. DeskJets have all worked fine for me while OfficeJets suxk
[Version 7.3.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 06 Sep 2005
I have been trying to use an HP PSC 950 for over a year now and it has never worked well with my MAC. It prints very slowly and takes forever to get started. I t works fine on my wifes PC. Stay away from HP products if you have a MAC ! ! !
[Version 6.3.7]

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Mac5 replied on 22 Sep 2005
I agree with the comments made regarding HP and their zero support for Mac users.
I own an HP PSC2210 which only partially works under Mac OS 10.4
I have emailed HP three times in the last three months to get information on either a patch, or an update for this printer. I'm still waiting on a reply to my first email.. Says a lot about HP's attitude towards its Mac customers..
The Hp site also clearly informs you that Mac users of this product will find that there are problems using this all in one using Tiger.
I for one will not be buying another HP product with this type of attitude towards its Mac customers.

Anonymous reviewed on 13 May 2005
I am using my PSC 950 successfully in 10.4 Tiger. Including all all-in-one features. If someone is interested in how to do that, please mail me at bastibense@gmail.com! :)
[Version 6.3.7]


Anonymous reviewed on 02 Nov 2004
Leider taugt der Treiber auch in dieser Version nicht, um mit dem HP PSC 950 vernünftig (unter OS 10.2 und 10.3) zu arbeiten!
[Version 6.3.7]


Charles Hansen reviewed on 21 Feb 2004
Worthless. Just downloaded and installed version 6.3.7. Printer still will not stay connected. Waited forever for Panther printer driver. Second revision and printer still won't stay connected. Can't print without rebooting. I recommend staying away from Hewlett Packard products. Using 950xi with a Cube.
[Version 6.3.4]

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Anonymous commented on 27 May 2004
I have a PSC 900 series printer and am using OS 10.2.8. I've been able to print no problem for a long time, but now when I try printing I'm told that the printer driver is not installed! This is the second time this has happened - what's happening?
Anonymous commented on 09 Oct 2004
I'm with Jim - running on OS 10.3, same problem. Prints fine for awhile, then all of a sudden it says driver not installed. I'm downloading it for the third time now.
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Type:Drivers : Printers
Date:22 Sep 2005
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
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HP PSC 900 Driver contains the drivers for a Hewlett Packard PSC 900 all-in-one series printers.

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