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Impose PDF files into booklets.   Commercial ($9.99)
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BookLightning is a utility for imposing PDF files into booklets, either for further processing or to print directly on a duplex printer.
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Version 1.7.4:

Note: The Demo version is currently at 1.7.3; the version available for purchase is 1.7.4.

  • Bug fixes

Intel, OS X 10.7 or later

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ver. 1.x:
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rhudhy commented on 11 Dec 2007
49 bucks?! For what? - nice little addition that makes book-printing a breeze FOR FREE :-)
[Version 1.7]


Anonymous reviewed on 06 Dec 2004
nifty! works as advertised, haven't had any problems with Panther and PDF Services.

a suggestion, however: at present, "Print Book" is not as useful as it might be. this is because when BookLightning sends output to a printer and the output is larger than the printer's print area, BookLightning apparently tells the printer to crop the output. a more appropriate choice would be to tell the printer to scale the output; when i save BookLightning's output and print it manually, this works great.
[Version 1.4]

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Anonymous commented on 06 Dec 2004
a followup suggestion - a similar program, CocoaBooklet, has the option of limiting the size of the booklet produced. for example, if you're printing a 200-page document and you ask CocoaBooklet to limit the booklet size to 100 pages, you get two separate PDF files, one containing pages 1-100 and the second containing pages 101-200.

this sort of functionality could also address the request about creating 16-page bundles for hand binding.

finally, i would appreciate the ability to set an internal gutter margin, to make space for binding.

Anonymous reviewed on 02 Jul 2003
Great program! Had a problem when using the PDF Services "Print Booklet" option -- it shifted the margins significantly (printing from Microsoft Word v.x to Epson Stylus 740).
One feature request: for those of us intrested in hand-binding books, producing signatures of 16 pages (or some other multiple of four) to be sewn together would be a great help. BookLightning can do that now, but only if you tell your the application you're printing from to print pages 1-16, then go back and print pages 17-32, and so on. All in all a great program, and I'm glad I found it!
[Version 1.0]


Anonymous reviewed on 28 May 2003
A great utility! As soon as I found it, I downloaded it. As soon as I downloaded it, I tried it. And, as soon as I tried it, I paid for a license. I've been looking for a replacement for ClickBook, which doesn't appear to be upgraded for Mac OS X. BookLightning meets all my needs for printing booklets.
[Version 1.0]

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Version Downloads:405
Type:Business : Applications
Date:26 Nov 2013
Platform:Intel 32 / OS X
Price: $9.99
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BookLightning is a utility for imposing PDF files into booklets, either for further processing or to print directly on a duplex printer.

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