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PocketMac Pro allows you to synchronize a PocketPC with Mac OS X. It can sync things like contacts, calendar, tasks, word/excel docs, and MP3s with applications from Microsoft Entourage, iCal, Address Book and Microsoft Word/Excel.
What's New
Version 3.53:
  • Bug fixes for Device Locator Assistant
  • Bug fix with initial copying of files to device
  • Intel/PPC
  • Mac OS X 10.2 or later
  • PocketPC

PocketMac Pro User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 3.x:
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MelE. commented on 31 Aug 2009
Do not buy this if:
1. You are using Meeting Maker 8.7;
2. You expect a refund if the product doesn't work as advertised (it won't, and you won't get a refund);
3. You expect ANY technical support.
[Version 3.53]


larrymcj commented on 16 Jan 2009
Biggest POS I've ever used. I've yet to get a single application to install on my BlackBerry using PocketMac. Their tech support is non-existent and why RIM even bothers to keep associating with them is beyond comprehension. I guess PocketMac only cares about the revenue they get from RIM. Unfortunately, there may never be an adequate BlackBerry desktop solution for Mac users who are relegated to OTA installs, which at least work.
[Version 3.53]

dexterss commented on 14 Nov 2007
I believe I have no choice but to give up trying. Exactly what has been described by many other users here.

I wrote to them in detail. A few days later, I have got the same copy and paste reply as the first reply.

It somehow worked with Entourage. But it creates wrong entry with 1 to a few days' shift (duplicated). And for every single entry you enter in either Mac or WM5 device, you will be prompted to decide manually whether you want to copy/merge it or to delete it.

Lessons learned:
1) Macupdate reviewers are as smart as you are. If they suggest you not to buy it, don't waste your money.
2) When the software comes with no Trial version and bad track record, don't waste your money.
3) Don't ever spend your money in anything from PocketMac again. You definitely will regret.
[Version 3.53]

dexterss commented on 13 Nov 2007
I have been using missing sync without any problem. My upgrade to Leopard has put missing sync to stop working.

I read many bad reviews about PocketMac but I thought I had no choice but to try it.

It is everything as has been mentioned in the review. It is a complete waste of time and money. It never sync correctly. Worse still, it tells you "Error in merging data, won't proceed", it also hanged and you had to reboot (I never got this in any other mac software, you can't see it in force quit list.

It creates duplicates with 1 day to several days away. Now each of my friends have several birthdays!!!

The support never reply back, except at the very first time when you install it and reach the screen asking for registration (and you go on to pay for it, of course). Don't expect a real support after that.

In simplest word: don't waste your money.

I will wait for Missing Sync for Leopard now.
[Version 3.53]

WinConvert commented on 18 Jun 2007
I'd love to be able to comment on the PocketMac Pro program but it won't install, so I can't. Worse, the PMac Pro folks will not even acknowledge getting an e-mail and you cannot call them and talk to anyone. Their installation program thinks my USB ports are full because on the OS X 10.4.9 MacBook system the built-in camera actually uses a USB port and Apple says it cannot be disabled. I don't know if the PocketMac Pro people are aware of this issue because they don't respond to e-mail even though they say they will within 24 hours. (It's been five days!)
[Version 3.52]

3 Replies

Bob Hartung replied on 27 Jun 2007
Ditto to what everyone is saying about Pocket MAC. In 4 months I have about given up. No real replies to requests. Tickets closed with NO resolution, etc, etc. Is there a safe way to uninstall it from my system???
WinConvert replied on 05 Jul 2007
Good question. I would assume you do what Apple suggests and drag it to the trash. But I'd check with someone else first since I'm new to the Mac!
I've been using a program from Missing Sync, and it appears to be good. Can't get tech support for a particular problem until I actually buy the product (I'm using the "demo" version right now), but it looks to be good, and I have gotten e-mail responses from them on a couple of things - unlike with PocketMac.
Good luck!

aqtinc replied on 15 Jul 2007
I gave up on these morons a long time ago. I've been using The Missing Sync for the past year and a half. It's not perfect, and you have to occasionally check for dupes on your calendar, but it's light years ahead of that worthless POS PocketMac.

DON'T BUY PocketMac. You'll be sorry you did.

jqd1981 reviewed on 07 May 2007
I have been trying to use PMPro 3.51 for about 3 years now. I have never been successful. Problems range from:
1. serial duplication of calendar events and tasks, with no reply from PocketMac technical support to resolve.
2. PM taking over the CPU during attempts to synchronize, requiring complete shutdown and reboot to regain control.

I have had three, trouble tickets with them, none of which have been resolved satisfactorily, two of them were closed by PM without any resolution. The third requested me to perform specific procedures to record machine status during sync; when the data was recorded and sent, I never heard anything from them.

This appears to be a marginally successful product and a horribly supported one, at least for the version and PocketPC that I am using (Toshiba e740)
[Version 3.52]

Erica Garbage commented on 21 Apr 2007
Adam... would you mind sharing this info as well so that I can try the software. I have a t-mobile dash.

Let me know either way (I understand if you don't)

- Erica G.
[Version 3.52]


Johnny Rocket commented on 27 Mar 2007
they have intel mac updates available at this url...

[Version 3.52]


Pocketmacismalware reviewed on 16 Feb 2007
This is the mail I just sent to Laurens:

Man, I'm sooo angry. You should have warned me that it would mess up my system files. It sort of half synched once and then crashed the system. It's corrupted the system so bad I have to reformat the drive.
This machine feeds my family. You have no right to sell malware and much worse, keep doing so after so many years.
My conclusion: it didn't work in version 2, 3, or anything after. I just found out that you've been scamming the Mac community:
So much for your malware, I'm installing ActiveSync on Parallels and if someone decides to sue you, you can be sure I'll engage.
[Version 3.52]


HeyKenny reviewed on 14 Jan 2007
Save your money!!! Product did not work at all - no reply from support. Worthless.
[Version 3.52]

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PocketMac Pro allows you to synchronize a PocketPC with Mac OS X. It can sync things like contacts, calendar, tasks, word/excel docs, and MP3s with applications from Microsoft Entourage, iCal, Address Book and Microsoft Word/Excel.

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