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TiVo Desktop makes music and photos you publish to your DVR available on your home network. Please note: Does not support AAC audio files (including music purchased at the iTunes Music Store).
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Version 1.95a: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
Intel, OS X 10.6 or later

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ver. 1.x:
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Schmye-Bubbula commented on 15 Dec 2009
According to the "More Information" webpage, v1.9.5a is for "Snow Leopard or higher."

A more general complaint, I don't know who designates the "Requirements" - MacUpdate.com or the publisher - but it's gotten to be utterly unreliable: I always have to go to the publisher's website to see what the minimum OS requirement actually is, because the MacUpdate page gets it wrong so often. MacUpdate needs to address this problem.
[Version 1.95a]


Veryvito commented on 13 Nov 2009
No luck installing here. Been stuck on "Preparing TiVo Desktop" for the past hour. Time to Force-Quit.
[Version 1.95]


Tankknight commented on 09 Nov 2009
It installed fine, but then told me that I cannot use the prefpane as it does not work on PPC (I have a G5).
[Version 1.9.5]

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Kai commented on 11 Nov 2009
Same here--the installer is Universal, but the PreferencePane isn't. Even worse, trying to install the previous version generates "A newer version is installed" error. Deleting the appropriate Receipts file, now I get a "pre-install script run error." So, I now have no working TiVo Desktop.
TitaniumGod commented on 14 Feb 2008
I'm having the same problem. Mac OS 10.5.2 isn't working with Tivo Desktop 1.9.3. It's difficult to get the Tivo to recognize the server and if I'm lucky enough to get it to find it - it's super super slow - not usable.
[Version 1.9.3]



Abates25 reviewed on 16 Feb 2006
I should preface this by saying that I agree with others, this is waaaaayyy late in arriving. And no, it isn't TiVoToGo. But, it is a step in the right direction, if they finally have focused on updating this to work with 10.4, it shows that development is back for the Mac.

As for this update, it works well, does what I was able to do before I upgraded months and months ago to 10.4. I missed this functionality as I often would show my iPhotos through TiVo when showing them to friends, and used to stream my iTunes using my TiVo all the time. Now I have a MacMini and an LCD TV, so I really don't need either of these features anymore, but they do work, and I am glad to finally seem some development for the Mac from the TiVo-team. TiVoToGo really, really soon - please?!
[Version 1.9.2]



chiefted reviewed on 15 Feb 2006
As said before a year late and a dollar short.

This "update" from the folks at Tivo only address "sharing" music and photos from your Mac to your Tivo Box.

It does nothing to address TivoToGo.

But but Tivo swears its on its way.

Pretty much given up on Tivo delivering that and have gone with Galleon, though getting the files through Galleon to burn on to a cd or to put on my iPod involves a couple of extra steps, at least its something.
[Version 1.9.2]


Anonymous reviewed on 19 Feb 2005
Where is Tivo To Go!!! for Apple? This delay in it's release is unacceptable
[Version 1.9.1]


Anonymous reviewed on 26 May 2004
The TiVo Destop 1.8 works wonderfully with the TiVo Home Media Option on my Series2 TiVo. (running the Desktop on a Dual 1GHZ MMD PowerMac running OS 10.3.3)

After installation you'll find the TiVo desktop installed under the System preferences panel. After ensuring that your TiVo's software has been upgraded and that your home media option is available you should see a menu option for viewing Music and Photos under your TiVo's main menu. If you don't, check to ensure that your firewall isn't blocking the ports that the TiVo Desktop software and the TiVo needs for communication. [TCP 2190, UDP 2190, TCP 8080-8089] Check the TiVo website for more detailed troubleshooting info.

The ability to view photos from your iPhoto library on your TV via TiVo is nice, however remember that your TV won't have as high a resolution as even a cheapo monitor so don't expect the photos to be crystal clear. Also when streaming a collection of larger photos I noticed that sometimes the slidehow will lag; your 5 second delay per photo might become longer while the next photo downloads. (I'm running 64 bit encryption on my wireless net so that may be part of the problem. I haven't tried it yet without encryption to see if the transfer rate will increase markedly)

As for sharing your music to your TiVo, it works well with some caveats. The first for me is the lack of AAC support. Most of my material is AAC encoded from the original CDs and some is DRM'd AAC music purchased through the Apple iTunes Music Store. So far mp3 files are the only supported file type, but I did read somewhere that there may be plugins for WMA files; if any of you have those it's worth a search.

I only have a few suggestions for improvement...

1. Add support for AAC. I know this has less to do with the TiVo Desktop 1.8 software than the software on the TiVo itself, but the support for AAC music files needs to be added. Support for other file formats would also be welcomed.

2. It would be nice if one could link some background music to play during the presentation of a slideshow. (similar to a slideshow in iPhoto).

3. Drop the price a little. I think many will find the $99 price point to be a bit steep.
[Version 1.8]


Anonymous reviewed on 03 Apr 2004
This is dreamy.. if it supported AAC that is.. What is up with that? Should be easy technically..wonder if DRM is involved.. Anyhow, this is pretty useless to me and I feel stupid for getting the Home Media Option since I only have AAC format files..
[Version 1.8]

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Anonymous commented on 10 Apr 2004
Yes, iTMS AAC files are laden with copy protection. You can get your fair use rights back by grabbing a copy of playfair and converting them to mp3. Playfair is available on the p2p networks.

Anonymous reviewed on 14 Mar 2004
AAC Support!!!! thanks!
[Version 1.7]

Lovetv58 had trouble on 17 Dec 2009
I installed Tivo Desktop 1.95a,

When I go to Music,Photos,and Showcases....My Music and my photos does not appear?

I've call Tivo 3 times...seems they only have 1 Mac computer and no one seems to know what to do.

I could use some help here.
[Version 1.95a]


lylehm had trouble on 17 Sep 2009
Package installer won't install on 10.6.1 Snow Leopard. Extracted Prefpane is 32-bit and won't load in Sys Prefs after Sys Pref restart in 32-bit mode.
[Version 1.9.4(055)]

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Misha commented on 09 Nov 2009
1.9.5 (now available) should fix your issues.

Lylehm replied on 18 Dec 2009
Thanks Misha! 1.9.5 did indeed work fine in SL. I could complain about the prefpane needing to restart in 32-bit mode, but 2 seconds isn't really much to wait.

1.9.5a also installed with no issues. I'm curious to know what changed (other than the copyright date). Still a 32-bit prefPane.

Thank you Tivo for maintaining support for the ever growing Mac community.

Brian-Kendig had trouble on 28 Nov 2007
TiVo Desktop 1.9.3 works with Mac OS 10.5, but Mac OS 10.5.1 apparently breaks it. Since I upgraded two of my Macs to 10.5.1, my TiVo says "A problem occurred while accessing the server" whenever I try to access music or photos from either of them. Or sometimes it works extremely slowly, taking several minutes to display the next page of an album list, for example.
[Version 1.9.3]


Tazpizzazz rated on 23 Mar 2013

[Version 2.1.0]

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Date:14 Dec 2009
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TiVo Desktop makes music and photos you publish to your DVR available on your home network. Please note: Does not support AAC audio files (including music purchased at the iTunes Music Store).

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