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21 April 2004

Access your Mac remotely via cellphone/handheld.


Imagine accessing the applications on your desktop computer from your mobile phone or handheld device? Imagine accessing critical files from your home computer while traveling on vacation or business? Imagine controlling your computer from across the room or across the Pacific Ocean. Soybo enables all this and more. The idea of remote access is not new. Products such as VNC, GoToMyPC, Remote Desktop, and Remote Access have all worked by recreating or emulating the desktop experience, placing the user -- virtually speaking -- right in front of the remote computer. This method places an increased emphasis on the:
  • Speed of the Internet connection
  • Power and functionality of the remote and client computers
  • Presentation capabilities of the remote and client computers
The attraction of remote access on mobile devices is clear. The fact is, however, handhelds and phones don't have the bandwidth, processing power, and display capabilities of desktop computers. These limitations make the traditional approach to remote access impractical on these devices.

Soybo takes a different approach to remote access by looking at the problem from an application-centric, rather than a computer-centric standpoint. By enabling applications on the remote computer to publish their functionality as Web services, accessible through a standard Web browser, Soybo enables remote access on a wide range of Internet devices, including desktop and laptop computers, handhelds, and mobile phones.

What's new in Soybo

Version 1.0.3 of Soybo is a minor update to fix some rendering issues with Apple's Safari Web browser.

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