PostgreSQL Cocoa Framework
PostgreSQL Cocoa Framework


PostgreSQL Cocoa Framework free download for Mac

PostgreSQL Cocoa Framework

12 November 2004

Development framework for creating PostgreSQL apps.


PostgreSQL Cocoa Framework helps develop business applications based on PostgreSQL database. Based on the classic "makeCommand, bindVariable" paradigm making easy to convert from-to other databases like OpenBase. Features include:
  • Full support of PostgreSQL functionalities like async query, cursors (including BINARY), transactions, BLOBs, geometric data types, COPY from/to, tracing, server variables, client/server encoding, ? (more than 160 functions)
  • Direct support of NSTableViewDataSource protocol.
  • LoginPanel and Window included.
  • Export results to XML.
  • Strings utilities to escape/unescape strings for SQL, XML and HTML format.
  • HeaderDoc documentation included.

What's new in PostgreSQL Cocoa Framework

Version 0.6d7:
  • SUPPORT_74 macro added to test at compile time for 7.4.x spécific features. Change in the way notification names are generated (LISTEN/NOTIFY) to avoid some conflicts
  • Correction in LoginController.m to display serverMessage in case of connection failure
  • Correction in the parsing of string arrays (when using bindNSArray on a char field(N)[] field)
UUID target
  • The UUID target defines a new data type and the required set of functions to initialize it with default values and use it in B-TREE indexes.
  • The UUID data type if the equivalent of the Foundtaion's CFUUID data type (128-bits unique ID).
  • This data type should be the first step in the implementation of a replication system (once the cross-platform aspects will be implemented).
Main functions allowing creation of UUID data:
  • CREATE FUNCTION uuid_create() RETURNS uuid AS '/usr/local/pgsql/lib/uuid' LANGUAGE C IMMUTABLE STRICT ; to create a binary UUID
  • CREATE FUNCTION uuid_createstr() RETURNS character AS '/usr/local/pgsql/lib/uuid' LANGUAGE C IMMUTABLE STRICT ; to create a UUID string representation
New implemented functions:
  • PgSQLResultSetProtocol
  • (int)resultColumnIndex:(NSString *)inColName;
  • (Oid)oidValue;
  • (const char *)resultErrorField:(int)inErrorField;
  • (const char *)makeNewCommand... series of functions combining clearCommand and makeNewCommand functionnalities + escape series of methods now also available as class methods

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13 November 2004

Most helpful

What is the difference to DataWerkz (in terms of comparing their feature lists;
Version 0.6d7
13 November 2004
What is the difference to DataWerkz (in terms of comparing their feature lists;
Version 0.6d7