1.5 17 Mar 2005

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Developer website: Michael Mulligan

myPhoto is the easiest way to share you photos on a Mac - it automatically shares your digital photo albums stored in iPhoto on the Internet with no effort on your part. The Web site myPhoto creates for you has all of the features you are accustomed to in iPhoto - captions, thumbnails, albums, a search engine, ratings, and much more.

What's New

Version 1.5:
  • Now fully compatible with iPhoto 2, 4, and 5.
  • Added myPhotoAssistant: this program runs in background all the time (like a daemon, for the technically inclined) and is responsible with keeping myPhoto's cache of iPhoto data fresh all the time. This is much faster than the old way, much more robust, and fixes a *lot* of bugs.
  • Added myPhotoPrefs: this is a System Preference Pane for some basic configuration options for myPhotoAssistant.
  • Added Spanish translation (thanks to Charles Hastings) and Dutch translation (thanks to Casper Kraima)
  • myPhoto can coallese multiple iPhoto Libraries into one Web site (useful for those who use third party iPhoto Library manager programs).
  • Added iPhoto-based keyword search support (in addition to caption/date search).
  • Added iPhoto-based ratings.

  • Before, if your myPhoto cache got stale, viewers of your photo album got stuck waiting for the cache to rebuild and that was slow and it happened just when somebody wanted to see your photos. myPhotoAssistant eliminates this problem.
  • Before, the cache rebuilds put a lock on the site so nobody would view the site with an incomplete cache. Often times, this lock got stuck and needed to be manually "unlocked." No more (finally!).
  • Forcing a cache to be rebuilt should be completely unnecessary (I kept the functionality there though since it's always handy to have around ).
  • Before, the last photo of each album would be missing. No more.
  • Before, myPhoto's cache didn't capture all of the data from iPhoto (i.e. keywords, ratings, etc), but now it does. It was also very sensitive to changes in iPhoto's file format, making it prone to breaking with new versions. Now it is much more robust.
  • Compatible with whatever image or movie formats iPhoto will allow.
  • Before, the search engine only used the main Library as the ultimate collection to search. Not too useful for those who blocked their Library, especially now that myPhoto can have more than one at a time. Search behaves more like you'd expect it to now.


Mac OS X 10.2 or later, iPhoto 2 or later, Apache and PHP activated (installer does this).


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17 Mar 2005
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