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Widget changes song comments/ratings in iTunes on the fly.   Free
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  • Common Tater has been discontinued
  • Developer
    d. chalmers / albatrossware
Common Tater is a simple widget which allows you to easily change comments and ratings of songs playing in iTunes, without opening the main iTunes window. Setting comments and ratings on songs in turn allows powerful dynamic playlist creation.
PPC, Mac OS X 10.1 or later, iTunes

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Common Tater User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 1.x:
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Simon Aughton commented on 19 May 2005
Very neat. I too would like to be able to change other fields, specifically the Genre. Could the 'comments' field be made customisable so you could select any of the text-based options?Rather than adding more fields to the app and increasing its screen size. It would also be cool if there was an preferences option to only show the Star Rating drop down - small is beautiful.
[Version 1.0]


djdarlek commented on 10 Apr 2003
very nice! what a cool idea for a program! I'm sure this solves a lot of peoples' problems with regards to iTunes' rating category.. its a really cool idea, its just not practicle to sit there and go through them one by one..

This program works perfectly, and easily wfills the gap before Apple design a way of rating them through the amount of sweat through the palms of your hands.

Oh, but apart from that i agree with SpicyChickenManifesto!
[Version 1.0]


Anonymous reviewed on 17 Mar 2003
Wow...Let me just say that this is the ultimate in software. If only I could write as eliquent as the spiceychickenmanifesto.

No, I can't. I just say read his again and then add "Ditto" for my response.
[Version 1.0]


Anonymous reviewed on 14 Mar 2003
When one lists the great intellectuals of Western Civilization such as Plato, Homer, Shakespeare, and Dolemite one cannot help but add with a delirious gratitude the name of the software and human architect Wyntir who has fathered the pinnacle of modern software that we now see before us.

What is a wyntir? Is it a season, a passing fancy which perfectly encapsulates the computer needs which have so curiously bisected time at such an oppurtune moment? Is the "wyn" fine like a properly aged French wine, inspite of any reservations that we might have about France's grandiose shenanigans pursued as an attack on the unipolar new world order? Is the "tir" a whimsical and simultaneously ironic take on the word entire which recognizes the comprehensive, dare I say, omnipresent nature of Common Tater? Or is it an obscure reference to the tire and thereby a symbolic acknowledgement that wyntir's software is of greater consequence to humanity than the invention of the wheel while yet he slyly omits the "e" to hint that this software is not a vowel like the letter "e" but a consonent; a consonent being similar to a constant; a constant source of hope for a better world of software in which faceless multinational Microsoftian corporations are torn down and each and every one of us can gaze with a euphoric hope upon the dawn of the era of our own Alaskan software Xanadu.

Indeed some say that the Potato is a virtual panacea of nutrients and vitamins. The common tater is but the sentiment of the potato, nutrition for the mind, the spirit, the body and even our very souls. Combine that potato's nourishment with the common man's empowerment, an empowerment without the subjugation of human freedom which has plagued other Marxist derived attempts at uplifting Everyman. Add in the historical importance of the potato to Ireland and the importance of Irish beer when discussing software and one cannot help to conclude the genius in this application. But to call it a mere application is slander for all humanity shall gather and rejoice from this day forth knowing that we few, we proud few, we band of brothers were able to witness the end of the evolution and the beginning of perfection of software right before our very eyes. Bless you Wyntir and bless your harem of lusty and busty teenage queens of the tundra that they might copulate with you so often that your omniscient progeny shall spring forth from their wombs and spread the gospel of the glory of your software. If only the world were to be so lucky.
[Version 1.0]


Anonymous reviewed on 12 Mar 2003
Very cool program.
[Version 1.0]


Anonymous reviewed on 10 Mar 2003
WOW! It solved my vast ocean of psychological problems and showed me God:) Seriously though, very cool Devin; good implementation of a neat idea. Also the only way I know of to clear a song's rating-yay!
[Version 1.0]

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Version Downloads:944
Type:Multimedia Design : Audio
Date:10 Mar 2003
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
Overall (Version 1.x):
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Common Tater is a simple widget which allows you to easily change comments and ratings of songs playing in iTunes, without opening the main iTunes window. Setting comments and ratings on songs in turn allows powerful dynamic playlist creation.

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